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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Just played the most technically perfect tournament iv ever donated in. Only came 19th but in the 15k gtd tonight i played really well. Re-stealing with the right regularity, only playing 2 tables at once enabling me to focus on the weak players, closely srutinising betting patterns, players i have notes on. Made it a lot easier and is probably why i find live poker so relaxing. The stress of mathematical knife edge calculations on 6 tables can be a real headache.

Exit hand was a fucker. Holding 89d i call a minimum raise on my BB from an active blind thief, my stack is 60k, blinds 3k,6k. Flop arrives 8h4s9h. I bet 12k into a 24k pot, hoping he puts me on a semibluff flush draw and raises to protect his hand (or what he thinks i think his hand is). He duly obliges, i re-raise all-in, he insta calls with A9. River A.
130k pot puts me second in chips and in a great position to get my 1st decent cash of 2007. As usual, suckout occurs and im history.
Just pokerstoved it and im an 80% fav.

So basically im grinding and i cant win a tournament for love nor money.

Big congratulations to Andy Ward for winning a cool $60k in the US and a WPT seat. Nice.

Hope Sunday is better. Must be great to be lucky.
Learnt that my favoured style of tournament play late on is controlled aggression. Tomorrow im going to play a $3 rebuy comp as an ultra-aggressor. Should be fun.


Blogger Ukgatsby said...

U got the game mate, just dont force it and your breaks will come.

Good luck.

10:49 PM  

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