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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Well last night was fun. Opening table i thought id take my time to get a feel for the table and suss out where the chips were going ot come from. Second hand in i find AK. With 5k in chips and 45 minute blind levels combined with proper levels meant there was plenty of play for a £200 comp. I decided i was going to keep the pots small preflop and outplay my opponents postflop. I raised to 125 preflop and both the blinds came along. Board came 664 and i was out of there after a bet and a call from the other 2.
Second hand came 10 minutes in. Holding AQ i again raised to 125 preflop. Flop came AQQ. I checked the flop as did the other 2. The turn came another (J) diamond so i thought i should charga anyone drawing now and bet 2/3 pot. 1 caller who appeared to be a solid player. On the river a 10 diamonds came so i check with the intention of check raising. He bet 500 into an 800 pot. I min raised to 1000. He thought for a bit (i was hoping he had Q10/QJ) before going all-in. Now im scared as he could easily have aces. I call, he too has AQ.

Next hand of note was interesting. Holding Q9 in the SB i see a flop with 4 others for the minimum. Flop comes 952. I lead out as any 9 out there is most likely being played with an 8 or a 10. 2 callers. Turn comes a 3. I bet as this shouldnt have helped any reasonable holdings. 1 caller. River is a Queen. Im marginally scared of a set now but surely it would bet on the turn owing to the str8 possibilites opening up. I check and call a 200 bet into a 1500 pot. He has 53 for a turned 2 pair. Scary.

Then just as im starting to enjoy myself they move me. Great. Thanks for that, all my hard work focusing rendered useless.
Next hand of note was a hand against Ray from Luton, not a bad player by any means. I call a raise with A9h on my BB primarily to send a message to the other players that i will defend. Flop comes Q49 with 1 heart. I check, Ray makes a strange bet into the 1400 pot that i read for weakness. I call, turn comes an Ace. I check, Ray smiles and bets 1000. I raised now- which in hindsight was a crap move. He thinks about it, says he's sure i have AQ and folds.

My new table was a lot tougher, with a hell of a lot of strong aggressive players. My exit hand was a bit of a joke really. Some old boy raises in middle position the minimum amount. I read this for weakness and elect to take the pot down now or at least define myself as holding a big hand. With blinds at 150/300 i re-raise to 1800 to play, my stack is 6.5k. He calls. Im still certain im winning and put him on KQ/KJ. Flop comes 10,4,7 with 2 clubs. He checks, i go all-in--WHY WHY WHY>??? the pot was only 4k. He thinks about it then call with A7, which holds. Great. Not sure what i did wrong as the pot was already large enough to be critical to my stack but all-in was not the best move and probably looked desperate.

Played cash afterwards and have moderate success. Met James from poker night live who seems a nice enough guy and he's going to email me regarding a new site linking Doyles room and Negreanus site which should be interesting. On the second hand at this new table i hold 33 and see a multiway pot on my button for £21 (stacks £250+ deep). Flop comes 368 with 2 hearts. The action goes bet, raise, all-in, i call all-in and original raiser folds. Im up against AA and A8 which holds and i get a £900 pot shipped to me very quickly. Yum Yum.

Late on i lose a big pot to James when he makes a big overbet on the river that i make a crying call at when i know im beaten and should fold. It happens. Finished £200 up after the game turned a little sour with 1 guy getting fairly drunk and being a bit of a twat.

Saw a seriously funny pot. Resident fish who only turns up for the big comps sits down and tilts away about a grand before this pot. He has about £500 infront of him and calls a bet of £200 on the end on a board of 885J9 with, wait for it, QJ. He says he misread his hand and thought he had J10. LOL.

So got home about 7am this morning, read some hilarious stuff on the "shippit-holla crews website" christ i hate Americans but this is so funny i was almost in tears. Ill get the link for you, hold on. http://www.shipitholla.com/. Almost like a bad nightmare but good luck to them.

Tonight on the 15k and 10k i literally pissed away a big stack in the 15k when whilst trying to outplay a weak player with a big stack i forgot rule number 1. They always call.

Oh well, thats life and i can have a well earned break for a while.

GL to all of you grinding it out, ill report back in a week.


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