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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Could be a bit of an upswing emerging. Played a couple of little $100 SnG's, won 2 out of 2.
Played the 10k gtd $100 Rebuy which was an awesome tournament. Got a lot of chips, then lost a couple of big pots which i should have got out the way of. I had a healthy stack and got re-raised all-in holding AK when down to 6 on the final table. Should i pass? I didnt, but only because i had a bit of history with the raiser. He has QQ, which holds and i get crippled.

In the 15 i was creeping towards the bubble with a healthy stack when i find KK in the BB and a big stack (slightly smaller than mine) open raises 5*BB. I shove. Hero insta calls with AK. You know the rest.
But i rebuilt with some aggressive bubble play and reforged an 80k stack when the average was 40k. Then lost a huge pot with 1010 v's Cutoffs all-in raise with A8. So I build back again and make the worst play of the night. I re-raise a cutoff with AJ and he shoves. I call with AJ now as the pot has got too big and dont get lucky. It was a tilt play as i'd just lost the huge pot on the 10k.

But i got cards and played well so im hopeful.

Tomorrow il be playing the 20k,15k,10k and 5k FO. Wednesday ill be off to Luton for their £200 Freeze, then Thursday for my last night of online poker before skiing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't know you were skiing mate
Have a great time.
All the best for the 200 at luton
Dave 'the artist'

1:34 PM  

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