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Monday, January 15, 2007

Ok so im going through something a little more serious than a dry patch. Another fruitless evening where nothing really happened. Lost a 4 way pot for the chip lead in the 60k gtd for a stupid amount of chips. 45k of something, average at the time was 6. Not a lot i could do really, didnt think i was beat and wasnt, till the turn.

Holding 44 i limp with 4 others for 200 in MP. Flop comes 456. I dont pass sets in the rebuy period. Ever. So the SB goes checks, BB bets pot, UTG+1 calls, i go all-in for 8k into a 7k pot, Button calls, SB RE-RAISES ALL-IN (about now i think i might be behind) and the BB folds whilst UTG calls. Im up against some really super hands. The SB has A6. Well played. UTG+1 has AA. Well, thats how NOT to play aces. Button has, wait for it, J7. Q drumroll with a pathetic fking 3 on the river. Marvellous.

Other comps went shit, i didnt feel up to the challenge of the UB 200 or donating in the stars marathon. In the 20k i tried a bluff. But on weekends bluffs dont work. Too many numpties will call you down with ANYTHING.

Then in the Irish open satellite i made a re-steal with 56sooooted on my BB. My stack 4k , Buttons 5k. I know he's got fa. Seems he knows i have too and thinks for an age before calling me with K10 for 80% of his chips.

At least i learnt something this weekend. On Sunday comps play ABC till the donkeys have been eliminated and actually respect things like all-in and raise.

Booked 2 weeks in Thailand with the missus today. That will be the best part of 2 grand. Great.

So the bankroll has now dropped to $6k and an MTT win is needed if i am to continuae this. Otherwise, job hunting in Marxh/April looks likely.

At least i gave it a shot.


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