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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Interesting week. Iv witnessed the good the bad and the downright ugly and we are only on Thursday.

Monday night played the £50 FO at Luton. Things were going well when i was gifted the most weak passive table on the planet. Starting stack went from 5k to 9k with no troubles at all. Then i got moved to a trickier table. On my left Richard Prue (pru) (who i normally never clash with, ever) and a young chelsea fan on my right. Of course i immediately pegged him as an intellectually challenged minor who probably used a fake ID to get in the building. He made a small raise on Tightend's big blind on the second orbit i was at the table. Maybe he knows more than i thought i said to meself. I called with KQc in the SB and (scarily) so did Richard. On a flop of 994 i thought id represent a medium pp with a 1/2 pot bet. Richard folds, Chelsea fan calls. Alarm bells ringing, but what hand does he have that calls here. I tell myself JJ+ for an overpair. Turn comes a 10, no good to me, I check. River comes another 4. I make a milky-lookalike bet of about 1/2 the pot. He calls, his hand, 84o. N1 lad ;)

After the hand i found out who the young gun was, no less than RookieITB from Blonde. Well played m8. After speaking with him later and playing a little cash i have to say he's a very nice lad witha sharp sense of humour. Ill get you next time gadget.

Unfortunately my image had just been smashed. I managed to represent Aces when limping under the gun. 1 call, 1 raise i shoved from UTG and the caller started having a go at the raiser saying (he limped under the gun, why did you raise). They all folded, love it. My hand 89 sooooted, ship it.

A little later and my BB is attacked again by a solid player. This time we both have even stacks and he has commited a motal sin by allowing me to have maximum fold equity. I have 74s, plenty gd enough for the job. If he holds AQ/AJ/A10 and folds 25% of the time its a winning play. He goes into the tank, finally says i dont believe you and makes a good call with AJ. GG me. Nice read.

Then played cash after for a small profit. Basically because i wanted to clean Lionel out who had about £1.5k infront of him. Sadly i didnt.

Played again on Tuesday, shit in the comp, ran into Aces after getting seriously injured with 1010 v A10. Cash game was good though, got very lucky versus monkey when i flopped a set and housed up on the river to beat his flopped nut flush. Won a nice pot later when Simon paid me off to the max when whilst holding 47 on a board of 2356k i shoved all-in on the river. Poor guy had a 4 of course. I LOVE that bet (but dont tell ppl about it, its been my only good move in about 3 months). So £700 up on the night and i played Silly money (as in fag packet's) Superstud with John Vacharelli who hustled me out of £40. Cheeky git. I even had Dina playing my hands. Useless mare.

One interesting point of note from the night was how shit Helen is at governing rulings. She just deviated to the opinion of the most experienced player at the tables. Basically i spoke to the guy on blonde later concerning the matter and this is the gist of it.

"Hi there Bravo, was it you i was playing cash with later on? If you were you let Monkey get away very easy and i was seriously impressed with your gentlemanly conduct (even though the wrong decision was made by management). Listen to this all budding cardroom managers............3 players preflop, 1 raise, 2 callers. Action on flop goes, check, all-in, then monkey says "Call". When player 1 (young scottish guy from Glasgow i believe(very amiable) ) who checked then goes all-in monkey realises he isnt getting a very good price for a gutshot str8 draw anymore. He only called as all-in player had only a little bit of cash. Helen is called over, Scottish chap says he doesnt mind if Monkey didnt mean to call and can take back his money. One (experienced, regular) player says that no money has crossed the line so "does the bet stand?". Helen says yes thats fine.I dont have massive amounts of experience with live cash but im pretty sure when you say "call" thats verbally binding isnt it??"

Now that is a shocking ruling. Basically im going to use this if i ever make a mistake at the tables. Also, i might shout all-in to see my opponents reaction, after all no chips have crossed the line. Absolute tosh.

On another seperate issue i have been kind of pointed towards a job in the poker community. I wont say anymore as ill only box my chances but suffice to say im VERY excited. Wish me luck.

Also, anyone who fancies giving me money come along to Luton this Friday for their £75 deepstack comp. Im winning this one, for certain.


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Good luck with the job man


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