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Sunday, July 08, 2007

HO Hum, cant stop the rot. Having real variance issues lately, you know the session isnt going to be great when the 1st hand you play sees AA v AA and you get 4 flushed. Then lost a $500 pot with 6s7s on an 3h8s9s board, to AK all-in postflop. The guy then really wound me up with "i knew you had a flush draw", comments like this i find utterly infuriating and i proceeded to tilt the rest off. 1st day i have lost my full allowance in 3 weeks yesterday. Which puts me around £800 down for the week, and only £1400 up for the month. Im hoping i can turn it around quickly.

A recurring theme about short-handed games is position. It really is more important than the cards you hold. I have recently cut my re-raising hands preflop in half. Im only doing it with AK and the pairs down to 1010 when the stacks are deep. Its almost as if someone has let the cat out of the bag. For instance, when i re-raise with AQ preflop, im really representing a big pair. I then fire a big c-bet on the flop and am forced to commit another massive bet on the turn if i think he has a medium pp. Trouble is, a lot of call-wallies have started to do just that, keep calling. Im getting called so thin now that i think they need a rude awakening. So im off to play an 11-a-side match, come home and do some gardening (lol) and then have a power nap before starting my session at 8pm. Playing like a rock i should still get all the action in the world, thanks to playing like a moron for much of this week.


Blogger richard trigg said...

dont worry mate, u got 9k coming in newc ;-)

12:11 PM  

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