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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Arghhhhh. FFS. How long can this go on for? Still losing money daily, despite having a good start to the week. Still in the middle of a 20BI downswing which is crucifying me daily. My expected v actual showdown graph is a fucking triangle. Iv stopped tilting and am playing pretty well, not playing much poker but cooler after cooler, beat after beat just wears you down. Players calling a re-re-raise preflop with 4-1 implied odds with K10 sooted, flopping a flush draw and standard hitting. Isnt a flush draw a 33% shot? Ipoker seems to have upped it to a 99% lock. Stopped feeling quite so bad after taking a few chill pills and relaxing but im not sure how i would cope if the pots were lets say 3* bigger. I lost a huge cash pot to Imran @ G casino on Friday night and felt pretty sick. It was Omaha and after getting 200 of my stack in pre with AAQQ i flop Q92 rainbow. Bish bash bosh but WTF is he doing calling my preflop rr with 6710J double suited. Won a minor comp @ Luton last week outright for a touch.

Its a shame im running so bad coz i actually feel really good about poker at the moment. Im going to Vegas on Jan 1st with a few ppl and hopefully i can excorcise my demons by then. Not gonna go with a lot of cash as im a bit brassic at the mo but im being staked by a friend in bigger cash and tournos which is nice.

Im praying that this week i can start to hold versus these monkeys. And please no more KK v AA hits, i took 3 today, 2 in SB v BB hits. Marvellous.

Been experimenting a little with buying in for 1/2 stacks during peak time. You deffo get a lot more action from regs that would shut down if you had a full stack. Plus you have less tricky decisions and deffo get a lot more action. I will deffo be giving it a go for a bit, just to see if it helps my mind management.

Come on Pokah, i have had enough punishment, man's got to eat :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read this really good article some dude wrote about coping with variance in the last copy of 'InsidePoker'. Maybes you should have a read....

4:52 PM  

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