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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Is it always gona be like this? Ok so after playing too much and rather badly i had a break for a few days and played again. Logged 2 decent wins and felt better. Cut down to 6/7 tables and played a bit of poker :) Also started to go back to what im good at, table selection. Played @ Luton a bit at the weekend, logged 2 small wins there too so hopefully getting better. My tournament form is pretty bad at the mo, lost a 8000 pot in the 1st level with A10 v A6 of kieth "megalodon". Just shows what occasional moves can do for your image. After that i got involved in a coup with A10 on a 2210 board that was raised preflop but think i should have got away. Ah well.

This week has started pretty badly online all because of 1 hand, which im still unsure about.
I have 5c7c and raise preflop with a stack of 550 to $8. Button calls (500) and BB (220) makes it $24 to play. I elect to call, as my image is super nutcase. Flop comes 3c6c9s. BB leads out for 60 and i min re-raise to 120 ( i recognise this was a big mistake as im shutting out value with a big drawing hand, but i really didnt want turntable making a big play on me). Button now times down and moves all-in for lots more. BB calls and action is on me. I 'know' (pray?) he has a set and make the call. Guy has 66 and i dont hit my 40% shot. :(

The most important thing however, feeling good about my game again! GL to amatay too who has just decided to give full time a go, best of luck son.


Blogger Amatay said...

Cheers m8, wont be going full time until 1st Jan but had a fucking mare last night. glgl

5:34 PM  

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