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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fuuuuck this. I can honestly say that this game is like fucking bingo at times. Playing on 1/2 buyins for the next 2 weeks to stop tilt and tonight was another car crash. Im getting so sick and tired of playing solid and getting donkey after donkey hit a 3456 outer with insta ease.

Good things to come out of tonight... Logitech keyboards are pretty good. I just threw mine out the window pretty hard, it landed on the tarmac pretty hard but there has been no lasting damage. The wardrobe was a much tougher adversary and my right hand still hurts. I swear if i ran 1/2 decent for a month id be 100k to the good. Ah well i keep telling myself, this is variance, suck it up and be a man. Professional poker means taking the lows with the lowers so i guess ill have some dinner and buy some cigarettes to keep me sane before going again.


Blogger Amatay said...

ahahahhaa, u sound like you go on some crazay fucking tilt m8. Scaray lol

3:38 PM  

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