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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pretty bad week but played Friday and tonight and i might get out of it with a decent Sunday. Had some hilarious hands today but got coolered a coupld of times. Someone called CxxxxDonk took 4 buyins off me on 2 tables in about 5 mins at the end of this evening session. Was purely because my session length was too long and i lost focus (plus i had AAA on an AK1024 board, but he obv hit floosh on riv). Still finsished up 4Bi. Played some really enjoyable poker today, was 12 tabling for a lot of the week but have gone back down to 9 which for me, short-handed, is the magic number. Iv been onto the small-stakes nl thread on 2+2 and was told i was too tight. So iv opened up a lot more and today saw me making some wonderful plays. 600 deep v villain i call a 40 3-bet from the BB with 36soooted. Flop comes 337 and i insta jam. Normally i wouldnt but oppo was from France and they cant lay down a hand. No help for AA despite me sweating the flushy turn and the chat-box went loco. Enjoyed that one. I just need to work on the silly decisions in big pots and i think ill get back on track pretty easy. Also im thinking of only playing on Fri/Sat nights when the fishies are out in force, i give too much action to the weelday regs methinks.

Busy week next week, iv been contacted about a reality poker TV show which im obv very interested in. Ill be coaching some newbie that gets given 10k......lol how can i coach anybody. Also got a lot to get writing for InsidePoker who im writing for on a regular basis. Yes thats my mug in the mag, only look like that when not staying up till 4am every night :(

Stopping playing live for a while. Might have a go @ playing the Grosvenor GF but deffo via satellite. Its going to be the strongest field and super hard but i like money and the 1st prize is gonna be biiiig. Plus im an unknown which helps a lot.

Its the ECOOP coming up soon and im deffo playing a few of them. The 6-max deffo, one of the $250 jobbies and prob the ME. Playing a bit of PLO and running super good which is funny as im not a plo player really. Its just that the competition can be laughably bad. Playing 2/4 plo on the Strongbad996 account and i have 55AAds. Flop of 445 and i lead for pot, i get popped and some chappie flats. ok lets dance. Insta call from some mateyboy with A4xx and then guy with deep stack lets the timer go down.....and calls off with 67xx. LOLZ. Ship ship.

The good thing is, iv stopped the tilt. Im back on top and my head is clear.


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