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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Non-stop losing. Have now lost @ 1/2HE about 5 1/2 grand and cant do much right. Apart from on Friday and Saturday nights the games are so nitty that my deep bluffs dont work, the hands i rep walk into the real hands and i never get my money in good anymore. 2/4 plo is going well but im pretty sure i cant beat the 1/2 tables on ipoker anymore. Pretty horrendous. I know my stuff, do my homework and still cant beat the nits. So im not embarassed to say im dropping down to .50/1 for a period. Its not happy but iv seen im running @ 7BB/100 over 20k hands on there so why did i ever play 1/2 in the 1st place. Should be a sad day but actually i feel happier. Baby has to eat.


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