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Friday, January 11, 2008

Been fairly quiet this week. I quite enjoy the spinup technique for the week as it limits my losses. Also it stops me playing in the tougher 2/4 and 3/6 games during the week when its mainly just tough regs. *1 So basically i play donktastic 100NL and 200NL whilst having a nice cuppa for Monday through Thursday before readying to take advantage of the softer easier weekend money at slightly higher stakes. Don get me wrong, 100NL is in my experience some of the toughest poker to beat, but i think thats just because it took me aggggggeeeeeeees to learnt hat big laydowns are a good thing. I know some good thinking players (longy on blondepoker for example) find the game so much easier (100NL) than me and have like 7bb/100 winrates. My 100NL winrate is 2.3, and thats only recently been increased. And sod you 2+2 mofo's im proud of that. My 1/2 winrate is actually ok at 2.9 (which i can live with over a 400k sample or something) and my 2/4 winrate is 4.5bb/100.

Played a bit tonight (i am going for the 10k BlueSQ challenge still) and ran OK for about 3k hands. I got stacked pretty easily by Hafaia before remembereing why i dont give him any action and also got stacked lightly by some mug who i "knew" had tptk but i couldnt get to fold despite a dream card arriving on the turn. My representation obviously didnt fool the player, who on closer inspection, was Italian. More fool me. Also lost a $1000 pot to a 1 outer with 1 card to come. That was fun. I 3bet dubbledamen w AA to $57 in the BB, he flats, so now i have his range solely on 99-JJ and flop comes AJ10. I lead, he raises, i flat. Turn J. I lead, he jams, i call, 1010 no good officer, except poker gods have a laugh and put the case one out there. Marvellous.

Played Luton G on Wednesday night, after all i promised myself some live warmup before Brighton. Sadly i got utterly smashed on Tuesday night on a random night out in upper street and wasnt my usual self. I think this was to blame for my going broke on the first hand. 4 limpers, i raise AhJh from the cutoff to 275 @ 25/50. 2 called. Flop monotone AJ3. Neither player rechecks their hole cards. Now villains are fairly regular, both non-tricky, both fairly average players. Both check to me, i bet pot, mateyboy 1 passes, no. 2 goes ai. Now in retrospect he doesnt make this move without a made flush. If it was a decent player i would obv snap call but v a probable nit i think i can find a fold here (remember 1st hand of level 1). Anyway i ended up calling and he flips the flush. Will remember that one. Player then proceeded to take more off me by cold calling 600 (my stack 3.5k) with K6, check calling (hereby referred to as cc) on a K67 board. I then did something im learning to do. On the 2 turn, 6 months ago i would always bang it in with my stack. But im getting better at reading and he looked strong. So i check behind. Villain then checks the 3 river and im thinking "Are we in valuetown?". I decide no and check behind only for him to proudly table 2 pair. As tony the tiger says, Grrrrreeeeaaat.
The end was near though. I thought i found a decent spot tbh. Alun (loose, asian, thoroughly decent chap who is one of the nicer regs in Luton)raises UTG to 800 @ 100/200. 3 callers. Im in the BB with Ks8s and 1700 chips. So my thinking is that there's only a few hands that have me in real trouble and im hopeful that Alun will isolate us heads-up, with the dead money this should make it +EV. Obviously he flat calls my jam, as do the other 2 callers. Someone somehwere has a flush draw with 47s or something and thats me gone. I nearly hung around for a bit because there was some good-natured banter involving Mo Muse and a "no blacks" private game that was swiftly countered with a "no whites" game. LOL. I nearly pissed myself when Mo shouts out "but my Nan was White".

And thats all thats been happening. Going down to Brighton with Suz on Wednesday for some sightseeing (and probable shopping) before playing on Thursday. Really looking forward to it and hope to see Flushy, Parker and a few of the other Brightonians before going deep. Anyone who knows me or reads this and sees me down there its Kronenbourg please :)

Will try and play Luton Sunday and Monday to get a bit more practice in, i feel my game needs a bit of back to basics so will try and be a good boy in one of the comps. gg all, gn.

*1 This in itself is controversial. Sure there are a few players that give me headaches, but none that i actively avoid. I mean, when you know Ubiyca and Hafaia are 11 tabling and paying zero respect to you its so easy to beat them its unfair. The moment you get ANY grief just give up unless you have a super strong hand.


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I doubt you will see Flushy, unless you have super human eyesight - he leaves for Vegas today!


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