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Monday, January 07, 2008

Hmmmmm, image/value. Interseting relationship that im sure any game theorist would have fun analysing. Played ok over the course of the "spinup" week, turning 1k into 6.5k overall. Played some good, bad and ugly poker at times.

Highlights were plentiful, made a hero call with A high for $150 on the river on Friday night which felt good. He check-raised the flop then checked the turn, then bet the blank river on a draw heavy flop. Hmmmm so thatt'll be a busted flush draw then. I did actually think about raising incase he had rivered a pair.

Lowlights include last night where i get $500 in preflop 3handed with A9s. Was one of those hands which just took off. Villain was insanely laggy, mainly coz other chap was so bad. I limp button (i like doing random donkish things occasionally), sb nit raises minimum, aggro BB iso-raises (at least thats what i thought he was doing- to get hu in a pot in position against the nit) and i squeeze to $140. SB now flats and villain moves in. Arghhhhhh. Its "only" x more to win y i tell myself and obv i reshove. SB duly folds what he says was 1010.Villain has KK but run better than Linford at the mo and ding an ace on the door card. But that was bad play. Also included in this is flopping a rolled up house v quads and repping trips into a preflop 3bettor who had a nice holding on a AA5 board with 55. My 77 was in trouble.

Im going to be playing Brighton on Thursday but feel my live game is a little rusty so will be playing a bit down Luton over the coming week or so. I really want to work on not talking when I am in a big hand. Also want to work on specific moves against the type of Mcrock's that will be in leg 1 of GUKPT08. But above all i want to win a comp. Havent won one for a while and feel i should take them more seriously. So im gonna, starting from tonight.

Life stuff is pretty good at the moment too. Me and Suzanne are nearing our house fund target and im pretty excited to finally be getting a place of my own.


Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Glad to hear the poker and life front is going well m8.

Was hoping to catch up with you at Luton Wednesday, but looking doubtfull now.

GL Bud.

1:13 AM  

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