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Friday, January 25, 2008

Brighton, meh. Was really good fun meeting up with the UK poker circuit good guys and also bumped into my Inside Poker boss Alun Bowden (at the bar, where else?) and had a good crack. If im honest with myself i prolly spent too much time jollying it up drinking gallons and being a socialite than actually playing great poker. One highlight was chatting to Julain Thew, such a genuinely nice bloke, actually came over to say GL whilst we were walking down on day 2. Real role model for the youngsters of today. Also great drinking with Rutter, Romanello, Carter, Atkin, Rudders and a few others that i apologise for forgetting.

Anyways, the comp. Felt really focused but there was no dead money on my starter.

Hows you like this for a starting table, Dan Carter, The bookie, Ray Wyre, Praz Bansi, Adam Stoneham (Sunday mil winner), Mick Mccool and some other chap i know is good from Gutshot/Bishops Stortford.
1st hand i play i raise on button with 88, Gutshot boy rr me a chunk and i flat. Flop comes J99 and he fires out a cbet. I am now 90% on his hand as AK as its 2 flushing and the bet looks so weak. Call. K on turn, check check all the way, AK wins 1.6k off me marvellous. Felt like i was struggling all table tbh, no spots, no donkey moves pulled on me, just a grind. Also, that Adam Stoneham is vv good.

Sadly my Day 1 was so super tough all day long that i never really got a break, the highlight was limping with Ks4s in the SB (along with 1/2 the table) and seeing a As2s3h board come down @ 100/200. Some guy bet out in MP to 600, some chap called, Praz made it 1600 on the button and i figure im +EV here even if Praz has a set (i only have 7k total). Luckily they all pass.

HAd a minor rush when i got moved to a table with Dave Lloyd and Jeff B when i doubled up QQ v JJ of Jeff and AA v 1010 of Lloyd. Then Josh Tyler sits down with a huge stack and floats me in position with 23s. Nice. Finished on 20k.

Day 2 i play a funny hand. Blinds 600/1200 and m8boy limps utg after i saw him go to fold. I make it 5k on button (22k total) with AQ and he calls. Flop comes 1010J and it goes check check. 10 on turn so i cant even bluff a thinker anymore and it check checks again. 8 on river and he bets something pathetic and i fold. Not sure about that hand.

Then open shove 15k with AA and some guy tanks for 7 mins before passing AJs. And then the exit hand. M8boy who had been active opens for 4kish on cutoff and i have 20kish and 77. I am pretty sure this is ALWAYS a push but in hindsight there was a tiny shaking hand tell that i should have paid more attention to. I shoulda got him talking Romanello stylie. He insta's with AA and its goodnight Vienna. Really aggravated that i didnt get any proper setups but i know the problem was i wasnt playing aggro enough. I know i got squeezed by Mr. Carter on table 1 at least twice. Next time i will be totally aggro and for for the big stack early.

Cash has been good to me this week, made about 5k so far and we havent had Friday night yet :). Also image is phenomenal especially after Hafaia and a couple of other regs saw me 3bet jam 104o pre. Been totally smashing them the last 2 days tbh and its great that they never have any idea where they are. Mainly because i play so randomly donkishly with and without the goods. My fave this week was getting a guy ai 200BB deep with 44 v my QQ on a Q78 2 heart board, i have QQ. LOLLERSKATES. Happy with how things are going and i dont mind losing a lot of big pots as long as i win a lot of bigger ones. One thing iv really noticed is how bad regular decent players are at maxing value from their hands. Its wonderful that they make $50 where decent lags make $200. Got tilted for the 1st time in ages last night, by a Frenchie of course. The missus wasnt happy when i randomly started shouting obscenities while she was sleeping.

Off to visit some Uni mates this weekend which is annoying as i would have played the Luton ME where i really need to start winning some events. Ah well, Springfest it is then. Have unusually decided to play the Sunday majors this week to give myself a break and pay some donkament poker, hopefully i can find some decent 6Max tournies too, if anyone knows of any please feel free to comment. Oh, and Argy from CounterStrike, i will buy you into Sunday Mil you nipping tard, but only once.



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