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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh i do like to be beside the Seaside. Off to Brighton tomorrow.Really looking forward to it, gonna have nice day out walking about with Suz, before getting a nice bit of grub and my head well down before annihalating (sp?) the field. Will prolly be in serious mode with headphones on as i know i give away too much when im not focused. Hoping the field will be nice and soft and an early double up will give me the confidence (insurance) to have a good stab at this. My 1st outing on the back of the BlueSQ live fund so i hope to do well for them, if i won 100 grand i dont think id worry about having to give them 20 :)

Mr AlexRoss, you can sleep easy, ukgamblingforums.co.uk has been linked up, i told you id get there in the end m8 ;). And nice play you fish! I should have called that 44 bet. If id known it was YOU i woulda lol.

Luton was fun the other night. Came 5th in the end. There was this one guy who i had tried to bluff about 4 times before and he just wouldnt fold. So obviously in a battle of the blinds i 3 barrel him with air. The final bet, which looked super strong, was greeted with the line "great bet, however" and i knew what was coming. "Whats that you have sir? Third pair, nice call." So i got totally pwned, i was a bit rude and said something like dont go bluffing a calling station Alex, which wasnt meant maliciously, but was out of line. I apologised.

Mr Galloway, cheers for comment, ill tell you what my stats are next time i bump into you. I am wary about putting stats on here anymore as its obv super exploitable. Last night in itself was a complete joke. Lost the biggest pot iv lost in a while after winning the biggest. Both @ 5/10, both in the wee hours. Was up 2kish on the day so decided to take a punt on 2 soft tables. Won a big pot when i call a 3bet with Ad9d pre and it comes 9high 45. Mateyboy pots it on flop and i time down before calling. 5handed my hand is good here too much of the time to give it up. K on the turn and he moves in for 700 into a monkey pot. Arghhhhh. But eventually i figured it didnt add up as unless he has hit trips somehow, he wants to control pot size here and get to showdown cheaply. So it has to be a bluff. Call. He shows 5c7c for air and im good. Yippeee.

I then proceed to get called down by a Frenchie in a big one. When will i learn lol. Should have released but i cant help myself if i think it will work. Flop came J44 and he had taken lead preflop. check /check flop, cr'd Q on turn and jammed ai for just over pot on 7 river. Didnt take him long to call with Jacks eek.

Hope you all have healthy dollops of luck over the weekend. You can follow my crashing and burning @ blondepoker.co.uk in the "live updates" section.

1 time!


Blogger sledge13 said...

Good luck in Brighton Alex...have linked you up..appreciate the same.

5:34 PM  
Blogger nhggfu said...

yeehaw- gl in brighton m8. Just took down a walsall satty, so hope to see u there for a few brews.


2:57 AM  

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