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Monday, January 28, 2008


Had a fun weekend tbh. Went out to visit my Uni mates at Alistairs new gaff in Tumbridge Wells on the Saturday and (in the words of Amatay) got totally ball-bagged. Have now decide to not drink again (proper lashups) till March. I need a break and its really unhealthy when i get on it. But it was really good fun and i managed to broker a drunken deal with Al for him to transform this blog into a site.
So over the next few weeks we shall be sorting out the layout and stuff before moving onto my own domain complete with proper commercial bullshit (baby has to pay the bills ;). Should be good as he's pretty handy with website stuff.

Suzanne has left today to start her police training, she was a little nervous but im sure she'll be fine. Im still a bit apprehensive of her joining the fuzz as she's quite fragile really but hopefully the training will toughen her up. I think she has the potential to be a cracking p.o. Gl babe. Also on the news front a huge shoutout to Seb who calls me up today to tel me he's getting married! woop woop! Im to be joint best man and get the speech instead of the stag do (matt you swine im not going to the Tenerife). Pretty nervous already but ill sort something out.

RUNNING HOT!!!!!! No doubt about it, i have been super lucky all week.

Poker this week has been a swinger, but i came good at the end, despite losing a lot @ 5/10 when i was too tired to think straight. Got into one or two arguments with the 2+2 know it all as they talk such utter bullshit so much of the time. Im just so unconvinced by nearly all of 2008 conventional 2+2 thinking. It just doesnt make sense to me how they can be so adamant and convinced of their own authority when what they are advising a lot of the time is utter spew. Typical advice just slates the OP and nearly always disagrees with how op has played. They do my head in but i play a lot of them now and im glad that their thought processes are spreading. Ill stick with bet bet bet unless opponent shows me that plan wont work and live with it. I know being so aggro is super exploitable but SO FEW REGS ACTUALLY ADJUST. They keep limp/cold calling pre then folding to the 1st but more often the second bullet. I find it quite funny. And then once in a while they check raise or min re-raise and guess what, i fold! Simple lol.

Turning made hands into bluffs, betting for information, changing your represented hands on later streets and narrowing ranges. These are some of the comments that always start up huge arguments and i guess thats why poker is so special, there is no right and wrong.

Made a decent chunk this week, looks like Vegas could be on the cards if i get a tournament hit/ keep winning. 2008 FTW. Lets hope it will be a very good year because the signs are promising from what iv seen in January. Just played another session and im really happy with my game at the moment. Feels like even when i play a hand terribly it doesnt matter as im just freerolling from some aggro bluff i pulled earlier. I still stack off way too light to nit check raisers until i have got the notes and adjusted otherwise, basically im so scared of people actually trying to play back at me that i keep them super honest and call light to put them off. Also have started playing too many tables at a time which is a huge leak but i just want to be certain that im gonna win the 10k challenge. Ill cut down and table select better when January is over. Would be a nice thing to qualify for on a number of levels.

Here's a couple of hands for you to giggle at. Firstly, check out this for a sexy mofo. I still cant believe he calls my turn craise with A8! ROFL. I adore these hands multiway, havent had many lately but when you are bluffing a lot and then have this you get paiiiiiiidddddd.


And how about this for a dodgy play. I do this a lot against some ppl and never against most. Utter spew but i fancied it works a lot. Not advocating this at all btw, its pretty horrendous play buless you have gd read on oppo. Calling his flop monster bet i have to be super strong in his mind after flop 4bet. JJ/QQ are folding now :) govii thinks im good (lol if only he knew) and when he starts to put me on a range on this flop its hearts, sets and AA he's narrowed it to.


Sry guys about the HH's, i cant get the links working for whatever reason. Copy and paste it is then.

Ok, 5am and i need to sleep. Got a coupld of goals, but im gonna try and clear 20k sterling by March. Its deffo doable, i just need to pull my finger out and put the hours in when im in the zone. Also prolly need to play a lot more 5/10 opposed to 2/4 but we shall see. 2/4 is so redic soft that i think ill stay for a bit longer just to cash in. But when players like DntCryPlz are on the 5/10 tables its hard to imagine how they are'nt dead money. NN ALL.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the guy who spoke to you on UKCS ....regarding Partypoker? ;)

You told me to shoot you a message via 2+2, but I neglected to remember that I hadn't actually got around to registering there. And then I find out they are currently not taking any more member registrations (wtf?)

If you have the time, please could you e-mail me at mattizaz at hotmail dot com

or my AIM is bedford clanger

Cheers + Shalom!

5:31 PM  

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