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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shit. Just had a session and someone turned on the doom switch. AA v KK twice ai fucked, then a sick 400BB pot with me betting out (pot) a flopped underfull, like 44 on a KK4 board after solid player limp called my preflop raise from MP. Turn comes 7 and it all goes in. whats that, 77, nh wp sir. FFS. Does my brain in as he is the type of numpty that need s a 7 to fall to make any money regardless of my hole cards. As in i fire again on any turn/river greater then a 9 and he folds. Got looked up by a lot of donkeys today but its my own fault. Tried 2 huge bluffs in particular and got looked up by Begovic with 2 pair on a 1 card str8/ 3flush board where every single draw imaginable came on the river. He blocker bets, i time down and shove (im pretty sure he cant have the backdoor str8 or the flush) and he times down before heroing. Entire table goes on about "that was obvious nikinblinds, such a bad bluff". I tell them something i shouldnt repeat. Not hugely disheartened but i dont want to start losing again. After a record week last week i feel good but poker and variance are fickle beasts which have no masters and no mercy.

Might post some of the odd hands at the end of the weak for you to check out, im a bit frustrated with my all-in luck ATM but im also giving waaaay too much action to nit type players who just aint got the kahunas to bluff which equates to the fact that you should always fold if you cant beat a v.strong hand. I know this, yet still i try to make em fold. LOL.

Found another uber-nit who you shouldnt give any action to whatsoever also ppl. Guy was a rude bugger tbh so ill tell you not to give FishBullet any action without the immortals. I swear his win$ @ showdown is like in the 70's. Nit king.

Think i need a break from online so prolly gonna go Luton tomorrow for my fave lil comp. Always good fun and good banter and it will be nice to relax aka donk off. Nice steak dinner and a fun table should be a decent change from the norm.


Anonymous Brylliant said...

steak dinner sounds lovely...

11:31 AM  
Blogger snoopy1239 said...

Yes, fillet for me please.

11:26 PM  

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