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Monday, February 25, 2008

Havent posted for a while which has kind of coincided with a longish breakeven stretch. The games just seem really tough at the moment. So few fish online and so many multitabling emotion-free nits and 20BB shortstacking bastards ruining the table dynamics. Players at 1/2 that used to give me a lot of trouble and were pretty dangerous have either disappeared or altered their game to get even tighter (ThsMnsNothing2me is now a total nit). Its pretty sad on ipoker mid/low stakes at the moment. The 2/4 tables on sat night (late) were just immeasurably tough, so few weak spots on any of the table. I cant be bothered to sit down with chirpybrox, Jfk + co anymore, quite simply they are far better than me. Problem is when these games get so uber nitty its impossible to extract. Ok, you nick a few blinds here and there but that hardly makes any $ does it? When the flop comes down you just dont get action unless they have you beat. Whats truly remarkable is just how quickly players can improve. Pouts of Kefalos was the biggest ifsh in the world about 4 months ago. Now he's killing the fucking games. And he gets more action than anyone, why? The guy has an attempt to steal blind stat of like 6 and gets 3bet more than me. bah.Im not entirely sure if he is just running super hot v me but hes up nearly 20BI on me. Thats unreal.

Really need to put in a lot more work into table selection and times that i play, think iv really been lacking patience lately and its not good. Dropped 2k this week but i recognise how poker works, its just depressing when i realise how small my edge really is. On a happier note i won a gukpt Vic ticket, at least i still feel miles ahead than 90% of the ppl i play live. Should also mention a little Luton cash session where i was just on pure song for about 2 hours. I mean iv never played so well ever. Called 2 bluffs from 2 different decent players with hands most would have mucked and just smashed it. So obv they move me to the main table where i got spanked a little bit, coulde of pots with Irish Dennis and a bad call on Edna lots me a bit. The fact i was sitting with Trevor (told you id mention you m8) and chatting opposed to playing proper poker didnt help.

So new week, new targets, mainly to get my ass down the gym and work more selective hours. Its not the quantity its the quality of the poker that akes the money. So im gonna try 3 hours a day at UK peak time just to get a bit of focus back. Also need to do some in depth PT analysis to pick up on regs hidden holes. Pokers getting tougher imo, but im not prepared to leave.


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