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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Long time no post.

Won the 10k challenge which was nice. Certainly helped boost a lacklustre couple of weeks. Also its about the first decent live thing iv won for a while, certainly the first with a photographer so im patting myself on the back bigtime.

Table makeup looked mainly new school with a couple of old school pro's. No-one knew me so i knew i would be able to get away with a lot of bs before someone clocked it.
Table was ideal for me tbh with no-one willing to try and dominate the early running which let me get a sweet image. The one player who had a v good read on me, which equates to v dangerous, i knocked out with a rivered A10 v AQ. Once he was out the way it was a case of getting into peoples heads quickly. I had Kevin Lovejoy to my right praise the lord (how he can still speak after the Brighton "incident" ill never know) and he obv recognised this as we didnt really tangle at all in the early stages. I know for a fact i was all-in twice as many times as anyone else, but only once for my tournament life. That tells its own story. On the 4man bubble i made a big move against who i percieved to be the player most worried about the £500, the SnG "specialist" Ian, who folded AQ to my 46s. Yumm. 3-handed knocked out golden balls (forgot his name already, sorry m8) with QQ v J10 where i know i wouldnt have got action on my reshove had he thought me tight.

HU it was interesting, i had taken 3 shots at Dave during the tournament, with AQ v A5, K9 v QQ, and K2 v AK and was beginning to think it wasnt gonna happen. I still had a 2/1 chip lead so had another crack at it w 105s v his reshove w AK and finally dusted him.

Havent played on ipoker for nearly a week now and getting serious withdrawal symptoms. However i know a break is what i need right now. Also coincides with a dirtload of work im doing and the Walsall GUKPT thingy, which i probably wont be playing. Ill be playing the £300er tonight but dont get to see the missus too often atm so will see her on the weekend. Also, Walsall aint the prettiest town in the world tbh is it? Im sure there will be better opportunities to spend my money later in the year.

Went to our first house viewings on the weekend. Seen a nice little 2bed cottage in Hertford that could be converted into a 3bedder. If we could get it (and thats a huge if) id be over the moon as its an ideal 1st home. Needs a complete refurb too which means we cant go for broke on the bidding war but hell, hope we get it. Id like something to do whilst waiting for aces :)


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