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Friday, February 29, 2008

Struggling. All week has been a bit of a tough grind tbh, i nearly lost 2k in 2 hours on Monday night but couldnt bring myself to quit and clawed back. Still had an overall losing month for Feb, i guess im approx $2k down online but im unsure. Live is much worse, seeing as iv played 8 competitions and cashed in a big fat zero. Really frustrating at the mo. Last night @ Luton just summed up the week in dirty techincolor.

Its the £100 DCFO jobby and theres only like 40 runners, still £1800 for 1st which aint to be sniffed at so i focused on the tournament despite a seriously juicy cash game starting up. Im not sure why but i just felt soooooo in the zone, like perfect. Really its a week too soon as its the gukpt Vic next week and i really need a decent hit, iv got holidays and house bills coming up and need the dosh more than ever. So after iv knocked out 8 people (thats pretty impressive for me) im sitting with 75k. Another chap graham has 80k. We have between us 1/3 of the chips in play. So obv after i have been raising like a trojan solidly we get a KK v AA encounter that just was ugly. He raises utg to 6k (blinds 800/1600), i re-raise to 15k and he insta jams. I did think about it for a moment. But not long enough.

Im not into big laydowns but this is one of those moments where i could concievably have passed as a +EV judgement. He isnt the type of player to get involved without a huge hand. He opened utg. He wants to clash with the only other chap that can cripple him. He doesnt consider his options, he just jams. I have KK so likelihood of AK is small. He doesnt do this with QQ. Also, form my viewpoint, the table is super soft, im mean seriously weak. If i fold i still have 60k (more than twice the average) and i can use postflop play/ nicking to play small ball. Its always easy in hindsight but i should have folded them. Not just had an arghhhh kings baby moment.

Played a little tonight and got frustrated, the games are soo nitty at the mo im not enjoying my poker. So obv i played PLO instead. The games are so much softer and more enjoyable, so i guess ill be playing PLO for most of March in an effort to banish my demons and get my mojo back. Hopefully going skiing with some ppl soon but my passport replacement went a bit tits up. I used the post office check and send service and they said it was all fine and sent it off. But the other night i rememberedmy birth certificate is most deffo not in the letter, so il be getting a refund for £7 from the lackays in Potters bar. Check and send my arse. Sigh, this might be a real bad beat as ill have to fork out £150 and drive to Peterborough for a 1 day jobby b4 Barcelona. Fuck running bad.


Blogger Mark said...

Having to go to Peterborough is always a bad beat, where i spent most of my teenage years,yawn.

Feburary can't finish quick enough for me either. My desk can only take my fist smashing into it so many times.


10:37 AM  
Blogger reevio said...

You shouldn't need your birth certificate for a renewal - only for a 1st passport.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

If you do have to go to Peterborough I would try to claim that from the post office although no doubt it will fall on deaf ears but they should have to fork out for not doing the job you paid them for!!!

2:42 PM  

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