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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Long time no post, apologies to my faithful few. Erm, havent been posting much as iv been working very hard on mt game tbh. Was contacted a little while ago by one of the ipoker smallstakes regs who had noticed my stats had changed massively over a 6week period. Fuck me i had turned into the ubernit. Really really bad of me as i was 16-tabling a lot and giving up masses of equity. Funny enough it coincided with a huge downswing, wonder why...

So, decided to practice what i preach and have really gone for it lately, with reasonable results. Table selection and cutting back to 5 tables MAX has helped. I really want to be playing bigger games over the next few years (not townsend stakes lol), but being happy @ 5kNL by 2010 would be fantastic. And im pretty sure robotic multitabling was not the answer for long-term improvement, i mean sure you make good money when the games are sweet, but the rest of the time you suffer. So iv kicked myself out of that rut and feel good again.

Also, many congrats to Jim Mcshane for tying the not in Vegas, wp mate, this should hopefully ensure you keep your place till i come knocking on the door asking for somewhere to stay ;).

Random one here, just started the hertfordshire rat and rabbit society. Basically a load of us travel round the country giving farmers a helping hand sorting out rat problems. Sounds odd? This is how things work in the countryside. Seriously good fun. Mainly reason iv been going lately is my mates little Border Terrier who absolutely loves ratting. I mean she goes nuts when she sees my car pull up as she knows whats happening. Went to Reading on Monday to have a jolly up, about 8 of us smoked out all the rat burrows. Lots of rats, i mean thousands of the filthy little buggers but the owner has a poulty farm so poison is useless. for those that are interested poultry feed is what the rats eat, which is rich in Maize (sweetcorn) which contains high levels of vitamin K. This vitamin in high doses gives the rats unnatural resistance to all but the most lethal rat poisons (which are too dangerous to use on a working farm). thats where we come in. Armed with bats, a length of tubing and an old motorcycle, aswell as an army of keen terriers, we give the resident population a healthy dent. "Molly" was in her element. She got involved in two fights on Monday night. One with the resident Jack russel whos a vicious bloody thing and had to be kicked a few times to stop him nailing her and another with the biggest rat i have ever seen. She's not quite strong enough to give them the quick flick which snaps the next and this bugger got a hold of her pretty bad as she was shaking it. A couple of cuts, but she loves it to bits! A long way to go for fun, but a great crack. Ok, back to poker.

OK, springfest kicks off tonight @ Luton and will be a cracking little series of comps. Im playing the £150 and £500 event, only playing the ME if i can win the £ or get put in as im reasonably sure there will be no value whatsoever unless the field tips 60 and we manage to persuade Albert Sapiano turn up :)

On thursday im on the TV hehe. Basically, they ideally wanted Praz Bansi and Karl Mahrenholz but they were busy so they asked second rate poker players to take their place :) Cheer Jamie for thinking of me when they said "is there anyone else you know, i mean, absolutely anyone....(hehe)" Me and legend roberto Romanello on Skypoker @ 9pm and should be a good crack. We always have a good bit of banter but usually with large volumes of alcohol involved. Havent seen much daylight in about 3 weeks so hopefully they have a decent makeup artist on scene. EDIT (grandad Tikay is hosting, so they should have someone for the old boy).

See ya later!

p.s some great videos on tillerman.net and a funny hand on Fbadgers site, have a look.


Blogger Amatay said...

I know what you mean about the multi tabling bollocks mate. I have been playing 12-13 tarbs at once and i think its fucks me abit too.

Looking forward to seeing you on the box btw loooool

4:09 AM  
Anonymous Sky Poker said...

Hi Alex,

Good luck this evening!

For those who want to watch Alex on Sky Poker this evening go to Sky Poker's website and watch for free online, or go to Sky channel 846 if you are in the UK.

You can also join the game and see if you can take on Alex and Roberto!

All the best,

Sky Poker

10:31 AM  
Blogger snoopy1239 said...

Wish I had sky. Sounds like a fun line-up.

1:04 AM  
Blogger FreeBets said...

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Let me know and I'll get ur link up


5:21 PM  
Anonymous Gunther Sosna said...

Hi Alex!

That was a strong poker round on CD. I hope we see use in London or Vienna next time.

Best regards
Gunther Sosna aka guso0159

Visite me private on fullonpoker.blogspot.com

4:29 AM  
Anonymous Gunther Sosna said...


4:30 AM  
Blogger snoopy1239 said...

Patiently waiting for next post, ahem... :-0

11:39 PM  
Blogger Ukgatsby said...

How the fook do you play 16 tables at once ?????

3:43 AM  

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