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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Moving on up, moving on out.....

Ok, scratch the first part. My cash game form/play has been so poor lately that its taking a back seat for a while, im enjoying tournaments more, especially given the soft fields on ipoker. Im going to be a lot more selective about the times i play cash from now on, i know i bang on about it a lot but im hoping one day it will stick. Had a bad february on the back of a bad january, doesnt take long in this game for a downswing to hit, money to stop coming in regular and the confidence to drop, so i guess this is one of the low points that come around all too regularly for my liking. Ill be sticking it out for a while yet but probably will need to get fingers in other pies pretty quick, the main reason is part two to the opening sentance. We just bought a house!!!! Ship! 2 bedroow semi in Hertford, turn of century, pretty victorian jobby, sash windows and a decent garden for barbies, loverlyyyyy.

Had some family help but also put down a fat chunk ourselves and the mortgage isnt huge given the size of our deposit. Hopefully ill be able to complete the "Thewy" challenge and get it paid off a.s.a.p from poker earnings. Doubtful, but with a lottle luck and some hard work we could get it paid off before im 30, which would be fantastic. Also glad as im the first of my mates to get a house (yeah i know they are mostly backward 6-fingered mugs but hey, im one of them) which im proud of in a way. Suzanne loves the place and although i wasnt overly impressed the gaff does grow on you and now im itching to get in.

On the poker front havent played a lot lately as moneys a bit tight but played the Vic last week. Was a complete non-event for me after i played Kings to maximise my equity early on and got stuffed by some chinese scandie who runner runnered a flush. Sigh. Never really recovered and then got the lot in with AK hoping for a race, alas, chinese scandie runs good and finds AA. Marvellous. Table was a good crack though, Pete Charalambous and Nic Levi helping me abuse Dave Smith and Jeff Rogers lol. Actually really funny as i used to play £20 rebuy jobbies with Nic in Norwich as a student. Pretty sure that was when the bug 1st caught hold of me, BEWARE THE BUG!

Sorry for lack of updates lately and apologives to anyone iv let down lately, i know there are a lot of you.....iv just been pretty busy and when you are losing at poker you cant really be arsed to help out others (Dino sry m8, ill make it up to you). Also got some seriously exciting news about the uk poker scene, but cannot divulge my secret until im given the go by the boss. Its a really neat idea that im very excited to be involved with, lets just say watch this space all you avid fanatics out there.

Also like to give a hearty well-done to Dan Sampson. The boy came 3rd in the Vic and was slightly unfortunate to lose a big race late in the day against an aggro CL. In a 1010 v AJ situation i always feel kinda sorry for the 1010 as the AJ should really be out the way, but hey ho the lad Ketul did well (really i shouldt even comment as im not 100% sure how the chips flew in). Dan was due a result tbh after coming within touching distance in a wpt a few years ago where he was robbed, so well done mate, keep it up.

Next tournament will probably be the GUKPT Manchester and a few of the side events, assuming i havent gone totally bust and forced to get a full-time job. The good thing is, it wouldnt be the end of the world anyway :)


Blogger Ukgatsby said...

n1 on the house. gl with the mortgagefreeby30 challenge =)

1:59 AM  
Blogger The Eureka Kid said...

Sweet blog you have going here :) Wanna trade links? www.eurekakid.com is me. Let me know!

5:27 AM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Congrats on the House m8.

Its all downhill from here you know! lol

Hopefully catch up soon m8

You missed a cracking comp at Equal Chance - pencil it in for next time, its on every month.

Also, you up for the £300 at DTD o the 5th April?

11:50 AM  
Blogger Amatay said...

n1 on the new gaff mate, result ,glgl

1:29 PM  
Blogger dibble said...

hey alex - you good?

gl with the new venture, I look forward to reading about it.


11:10 PM  
Blogger nhggfu said...

ship the house to alex! weeeee
congrats matey, and gl with the yoyo challenge!

shouts from ireland (1 tiiiiime!)

11:44 PM  

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