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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mmmmmm, we only sin when we're winning, sing when we're winning!

Ok, havent posted for a while so ill finish where i left off. GUKPT Luton day two.

Well starting table was funny, had Mo Muse, Ewan Jones, Flushy mcflushflush, Pab, some random bird an some young northern guy (no offence to women or nothern youngsters but these were the marks imo). Was oop v Pab and was in position v Dempsey, so i was loving it from the off tbh. Pab plays a pretty solid strong game and i didnt think he would try any fancy BS given how easy it would be for me to get commited, wheras i still had enough fold equity to punish James if he got busy with my blind. Started w 37k with blinds 600/1200, so not in rammit and jammit by any means. 1st orbit (two players missing from our table) go for 3 steals, one utg and one in MP which both get through and then Ewan (Iwan?) Jones sticks it in my eye when i try and nick his blind. I open for 3.3k w 30k stack, he jams 30k. Hmmm, K9s no good here.

Then Table filled and got a little harded to get stuff through, my stack is really a reasteal stack, whereas online i think i can b/4bai more profitably. Sadly i got it stuck up me another two times before i clamed down. Then Flushdonk arrives and goes for a nick 1st orbit, i stick it in a K10s and he folds. Then i 3b guy with 25k who opens to 6k to 18k w JJ in position and he folded. Shame really, only hand id seen all day and wanted a showdown. Possibly could have tried fancy smooth calling to induce squeeze but Pab and blinds were not too loco and i felt it was odds on i see a flop HU which is obv gonna have overcard a huge chunk.

Exit hand came shortly after. 34k stack, i open to 5100 w AQ with blinds 800/1600 and Pab repops me to 14k. It looks like a fooking click it back which makes me want to fold but a combination of :-

a) the idiots at my table with stacks and no ability
b) closing in on bubble where i want to go nuts
c) AQ looks like the nuts when its the 4th premium hand uv seen all comp
d) Pab MIGHT be making a move here sometimes/good chance we are flipping etc and only have 34k ffs.
e) can always get on it with boy'd and the boys if it goes pair-shaped

led me to jamit and get called by Pab. He kinda sighed when he called but i think thats coz he didnt want to knock me out, proper gentleman. Obv flop came K high and that was that. Next one of these i play im fed up with the softly softly bollox, ill play my game and generate masses or bust early. I really hate having to get in marginal spots all the time, i just want to bomb flops and target weakness, not worry if AJ and 13bb warrants a resteal v an UTG+1 opener.

So obv went on lash w poker ppl. Met Rob Sherwood (seems nice bloke, even if nothern), Barry Carter (single handedly dominating the uk journo market writing about anything, wp sir) and a load others. Mainly spent evening drinking with some betfair guys and Stephen Boyd, who i get on with like a house on fire. Hes a bit brash and kinda lary but says what he thinks regardless of who is in company and however well esteemed someone is. I like that no-nonsense approach. So got smashed with him and you never know, one day i might write something about one of the biggest cash game players in the UK. 300/600NL, thats sick. Failing that, at least its one more person i can nip, hurrah!

Rest of poker ppl was all pretty standard. Obv me and Butlin had a few and Domonic whos an absolute legend and nice huy, even if he does talk about poker too much! Dude, i spend all my waking hours thinking/playing the game, i just wanna get drunk lol!
I know the crowd now but there are few gems and a lot of arrogant/ignorant/mean gits. Dont know why but poker sometimes brings out the worst in even good-hearted people. Obv roberto rom is one of the best imo, cracking laugh always. Infact once the pissup was over we went to hotel for bfast and he didnt believe i could eat the mountain of grub i had piled on my plate. Bet was in place, i dont complete i have to walk bokers down out restaurant into lobby and if i do eat it, vice versa. Needless to say the plucky elderly tourists getting an early start were greeted to Romanello's hairy arse 1st thing, one can only imagine the stress the pacemakers were put through.

Since then been putting in the hours online, running well @ 500nl and playing a couple of shots @ 1knl which havent gone too badly. I think its more of a mental thing, im kinda skint atm and dont want to risk my money in such a high-variance game as 6MNL. Which is why trading is good for me. Wrote and article for IP which to be honest was the worst i have written. Was about 4-betting and i missed out loads of important stuff and went into too much detail in others, i guess i just cant talk about things simply, either get into the heart of a problem imo or dont bother trying. Basically i could write a tome (tombe? sp?) about the topic but until you think and discuss it, 4betting is just how good regs fight each other. I 5b shoved 34s yesterday, got called by AJo and hit. Guy is a good player (Tevje on betfair 200nl) and he just smiled in the chatbox whilst other nittags were saying how awful i am....yadayadayada, ill take what some numpty rakeback warrior says with a pinch of salt. Later on i stack said donk w AA v 1010 ai pre and he types "cooler v you". Lol, you cant have it both ways sir.

Also been gettting back into my fishing lately.Mainly coz i went on a random trip to Stanborough lakes in hertfordshire w me brother and had immense success. Was initially fishing 6lb mainline and tritting castors over a bed ov hemp for roach. Conditions were ideal, previous rain and light drizzzle had colour and height in the river and i cught a 1 1/2 lb roach 1st cast. Sounds tiny, but this was a cracked (2lb fish is fish of a lifetime). caught a load more but as soon as it went past 4pm i started getting much bigger fish hitting me. Got smashed up twice, once i think by a huge chub, other time either carp or barbel and decided to get the heavy gear out. Stuck 20lb breaking strain braid str8 through to a rolling ledger and (im not exagerrating (for once lol)) golf ball sized pieces of luncheon meat. Instant success. Landed 4 chub from 3lb to 4.5lb and lost a couple. Let my brother have a go but he couldnt keep them out the snags unfortunately. Then in last 1/2 hour of light bait got snaffled, rod-tip bent round and it appeared a if i had connected with the 7.45 train to london. This thing was like a rocket. Even with seriously powerful kit i barely kept it out of the myriad of snags but finally i bullied it into the net and was astonished to see a scale-perfect 8lb barbel. Absolutely marvellous and heart stopping to say the least. Anyone who has never hooked one of these simple must, the raw power is something to behold. Anyway, made sure it went back safely (holding head upstream in the fast flowing sections, barbel give everything in a fight and must be nursed afterwards) and headed off to home. Cracking days sport.

Things looking on the up on the house front, Suzanne about to come down hard on the morons holding us up which will be awesome. Be nice to get in before Xmas. Cant wait to get our dogs/dogs too. Two pedigree border terriers from a specialist breeded in Scotland. Not cheap, but will hopefully be cheap to look after (damn hardy proper british dogs so less need for worming/vet fees/problems/complex diets) and will be worth their weight in gold to the local farming community. Got a meeting next week at our little shoot me and my old man have joined, apparently breeding season was good but we are unsure if the French partridge will be shot this year owing to a few nice coveys of Engligh about the place. English partridge is an incredible and pretty rare bird nowadays and it would be a pity to accidentally shoot a single one, so we might just not shoot any. Tbh im a bit frustrated about this, anyone on a quality shoot should be able to tell the diffence in flight between the two, i guess i can excuse the elderly guns but meh, if ur on a shoot you should be a countryman 1st and foremost.

Also,iv had some interest on this blog from a few different parties that all want to contact you lot and make money out of you. Im not sure yet if i will agree, but i am a penny pinching mother so will probs sell my sould and let them have all the advertising and affilliate space they require, fk my life i need the money :)

Willl try and post more often, over and out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop shooting animals you weird twat

11:12 PM  
Blogger Simon said...

Birds aren't animals...they're birds

12:44 AM  
Blogger Tinca Tinca said...

Congrats on the Barbel, sounds a quality spot. You want to get out here on the Wensum boy. . . .

Take the money mate it don't grow on trees.

Why would you play a GUKPT event and not play your own game? Conscious decision or just the way it worked out?

1:31 PM  
Blogger anonymous poker boy said...

Im up $2,890 on you buddy. Wahoooooooo!

2:07 PM  

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