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Friday, August 08, 2008

weeeeee made day 2. Iv kinda got to realise what they mean now when they say you cant win it on day one, as Thewy told me when i accosted him several months ago you need to make day two to have a shout. And that all im after, just a shout. So first hurdle accomplished.

Had a funny day yesterday, very fitful. Starting table was kinda odd, had one prize egg who was pretty obvious to everyone at the table. Had 3 weak passive players, two of which i had position on a couple of more solid players and a good old german and a good young german lol. Won a few small pots early on just cbetting and stabbing really, never actually connected. Then got involved in 1st reasonable pot towards end of level two before 1st break. Phil Cooklin limps (ultra (too) tight) good player, i make it 325 w KK in cutoff, BB (loose, unpredictable, mark) calls too. flop Ah K 8h. They both check, i opt to trap dem yo and check behind, mainly as im 100% sure egg has an Ace and i know i can get full value as he thinks im at it lots. Turn 9c. Both check, i go 750, call from BB, Phil folds (1010 nit hehe). River is a black Q and he insta checks, i bet something hes happy calling and he auto-calls. Nicked a few more in the next level before the first really crucial hand came up, which i think i played OK, but might have been a little too fancy v an unknown. Dude was german, middle-aged and had just cr'd my cbet and repopped me pre in a blind battle. So i was fairly sure he wanted to play games and viewed me as a target. He opens from the CO. I flat KQcc on button. Flop AcK6 with two diamonds. He leads, i call. Fairly sure i have the best hand right now, dont want to get 3b shoved on the flop as i think he can assess my hand range fairly well and i might donk a card/he might make a mistake/ i can float and barrel some turns. Turn 10c which opens me up a bit and he bets biggish, meh. Now i kinda know he has a big hand but i have decent chips back, position and a tonne of scare cards to buzz, so i make a marginal call i think, should poss be a fold. Pot was 6k and he bet 4.4 ish with 9 back. I have 8 back....
River is Qd and he audibly sighs. Obv i have immense showdown value but i cant not barrel when he checks an ultimate scare card so bet and he thinks for an age before folding. AK/AQ?

Then made a couple of errors, one where i momentarily lost the plot. 3 way pot (im SB) flop JJ3, c/c/c, turn J, i bet, called by BB. River K. I check, guy appears to tap the table, dealer says showdown, i anounce queen high, and now he wants to bet. I make a lol call but not happy with his angle shooting. Then i make an il-timed CR with air into what i found out was top set but i got away with it lightly. Table breaks.

New table looks a little tougher, got Mickey Wernick (who was not his usual self yesterday) and a couple of other faces, some EPT winner thorn thornnsen or summat (dunno, looked really weak-tight to me tbh) and Ali Masterman. Mr Masterman was honestly one of the nicest blokes i met yesterday, just had a little boy and having restless nights but a great persona imo, did not appear to play decent poker though if im honest, prolly baby giving him restless nights. Had some guy to my right who was so odd. Andy Bradshaw i think his name is, was kind of like a lovable asshole if that could ever be feasible. Really fucking annoying at times, but at least he chatted. Had some absolutely nutcase German dude at the end, another guy in seat 9 who plays poker like its a final table and a couple of others, Dave Binstock to my left late on was a welcome addition, should give me a get out of jail card tomoz if i need blinds. also had some guy called Flanders who got absolutely papercut by the deck, literally big pp every other hand. Sadly now i start to dry up hand wise so start playing shite to keep accumulating. Raise 1st hand w Q4ss and BB defends, looked reasonable at first but was actually an icecream. Flop QQ3, he checks, i bet, turn 6. He checks, i think check gets the most value here v a WAP but im not sure. I check behind and go for river value but he folds.

Next noteworthy hand was v Mickey. I could tell he was getting frustrated with bad flips, nicking etc. I open in MP w 99 to 1100 (200/400/25), he flats on the button. I have 18k, he probs has 11k. Flop 37d8d. I go for a CR when he bets 2k and he folds. He tells me later he had JJ, but thats prolly bs.

Then i play prolly the most awkward hand of the comp, as im not sure if im entitled to jam the river for value or not. UTG+1 limps (Tim Flanders, fairly abc tag from what i saw), i open 3X with 1010 in MP, hu to flop. A4c7c flop. I check behind. Turn a sexy mofoing 10h, he donk leads for 2k, i make it 7k, he calls. River comes a 3c. I have 10k back and he checks to me. Obv the card sucks and i wonder if i should have just checked behind but i jammed for value in the end and he folded, was kinda odd as i think i probs only get called by better so i might have made a mistake there.

So im finally doing ok about an hour later, on roughly 28k when i lose a chunk. UTG opens for 2.5X bb, i flat with 56ss with blinds 300/600. Flop Ks4s5. He check calls the flop, check calls the spade turn and im obviously fucking loving it when another fucking spade dings on the river to give him the nuts. He goes for some kind of river trap and obv i swerve. Did about 9k there. From then on got Steve Jelenik and Iwan Jones at the table, both with large stacks after two loco players went crazy pre. Guy opens on the button, BB repops, button jams like 90bb w 88 and gets insta'd by QQ which holds. Funnily enough the very next hand Steve Jelenik and random ok but arrogant dude get it ai pre in button/bb war for 60BB w 99 and AK, seemed to wake the table up which was good.

I then went card dead for last 3 levels. Managed to nick just enough, cbet just enough and do enough naughty things to keep head above water. Sadly have had to show down 102s, KJutg open and 47o but hopefully that will work in my favour tomorrow when i finally get some hands perhaps? I mean seriously i got absolutely nudda since the Kings early on, had a pair of nines twice towards the end and rejammed ai only for 1010 to fold and then opened in ep and had to fold to a a fat nits reraise but oh well. In it still and hoping i can get a lot of moves through/hit some hands tomorrow. Thanks to the few well-wishers, pud from pudspoker blog and boxer-dean from betfair, lets hope i can run like the sun and amass a dirtload of chips one time pleeeeeeeeeease.


Blogger Tinca Tinca said...

A Brilliant post Alex.

Get it won this weekend.

12:02 PM  
Blogger Barry Carter said...

How long have you been a badbeat trader? Is it worth the no rakeback ets? I always fancied it because of the mentoring side but Im a bankroll nit so no need for that side of it.

Good luck today

12:28 PM  

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