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Monday, September 01, 2008

Pulling my finger out...at last.

Great month in the end, one of my best ever, now at 7.8ptbb/100 over 80k hands @ 200nl and at a ( [ ] sustainable) 9.1ptbb/100 over 35k @ 500nl. I have started getting played back at more which is slightly frustrating, but its not as if i dont know how to combat it. Its just tougher to exploit than weak passive morons that let you dictate the pot size every hand. With that in mind i have a bit of a challenge for September. I was going to take action on it but im not entirely sure its feasibly so will see how it goes at first. I reckon i can clear $40k profit in September playing just 200nl. There, i said it, we shall see if its possible. My game has gotten a little too loose lately, so im looking forward to speaking to a couple of other tighter players i respect in sweat sessions i got booked over next few days, im sure its profitable, i just need to see how they COMBAT seriously loose players and then work out some effective lines that make it tougher. A few players @ 500nl started 4betting me light OOP (i get it a lot IP but oop is generally much stronger), which meant that i had to shove over their cbets in order to retain some value from calling small 4bets with marginal AJs type holdings. Normally at least if i have some equity (gutter+ over for example) im happy doing it occassionally. Once you add up the metagame, great price ur getting (normally 1:1 pot sized raise on flop), ability for them to level themselves and fold winning marginals plus the slight equity you have in the hand im pretty sure its fine to throw up all over the table now and again. Or every other hand :)

Really gonna try and boost my vpip and preflop raise this month. I want to ideally be in the 32/27 bracket opposed to a standard 28/24 game that i tend to revert to but i know my edge is so big postflop i need to be involved in a lot more pots in order to reach my monthly target. Ill have to add a lot more random shit like 95s and 710o to get it up but initiative plus postion as always do most of the work. Plus as long as im playing with 100bb minimum stacks i can justify it with "implied odds" lol.

Oh, played the Betfair $400 fo on Sunday. What a fiasco. Good structure, small field, decent prize pool. Got hero called early for 1k, then lost another to a torrid resteal from blinds before making a few k back then this joke hand. I open hijack for 300 @ 50/100 playing 5.5k (roughly average) with Ac4c. Cutoff, button, small and big blind call. Flop 2c3c2d. They check to me and i just want to get 99 to fold tbh so jam (oddly i only ever overbet in mtt's..leak?). Now thats like 5200 into 1500. So obviously all fold round to BB who snaps me with Kc8c and gets there. Ppl keep telling me poker is getting tougher, but if you know where to look the value is immense.


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