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Friday, January 09, 2009

Aha, another week, another update. Damn im good atm. Been being a little naught this week with not much gym, but lots of work. Just did my 1st video for partyacademy partypokers newish training site which launches in Febuary. I hope i didnt come across as being a tit and was not too technical (im doing the lowstakes 6m stuff) but i think it went ok. Apart from i never realised how drony and bad my voice is, i always kinda thought i sounded like an english sean connery, not baldrick sigh. fuck playback.

Poker has been going good. Had a nice 15 bi day today so well on target for a slightly optimistic (probably) 1000 buyin target for the year @ 200nl. Its definitely achievable. Im going to start playing more 600 and 1k nl in the second half of the year, but id like to secure myself finincially (and me and zans house :) early in the year, which means playing a lot and making a tonne in real monies and rakeback.

Off to Brighton next week, gonna have one night on the piss on wednesday to get that out my system, all the boys are going so should be a good crack. Then im gonna take it easy and prepare for the Main event. I seriously feel like im playing so far above the rim when i play average live players now its like a game of mariocart versus a blind grandma. Blowing my own trumpet a bit but sod it iv worked HARD for 4 years now and iv had so many eureka moments but lately if been seeing much more clearly. Clarity of decision and trusting your gut reads in big pots is tough to learn and im finally getting it a bit. Won the Luton sunday thing last week which was fun, nice warmup before Brighton.

Quickly going back to the shooting article i wrote last time. I appreciate that its not everyones cup of tea and im willing to accept some people find it hard to stomach. Having said that, its a free country so mr anonymous, either come out behind that screen and say who you are or dont read my blog if it offends you. I think thats the easiest way to resolve this. ITS MY BLOG AND WRITE WHAT I WANT TO. Just incase you didnt get it.

Right, off to sleep. gl at the tables all.

In response to NHGGFU, i have decided to be anonymous mainly because if i luckbox talking to a sponsor at the bar who asks how i have done i can lie through my front teeth and not have to tell him iv had two live cashes in raking events in my life. Secondly if i ever make it deep in a big event i dont want players chasing other players to buy/ask for specific info/reads (i know longshot but u never know what might happen).

good luck to all bloggers and readers, esp Nirvana who got me blogging again.