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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Marvellous, just to top off a sweet night. So lol that i actually get to use a click it back that works.

***** Hand History for Game 390360596 *****
$500.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em
Table Nitrogen 84 (Real Money)
Seat 6 is the button
Seat 3: Antrozous ( $1037.38 USD )
Seat 4: HERO ( $594.12 USD )
Seat 6: Zizou06 ( $502.50 USD )
Antrozous posts small blind [$2.50 USD].
HERO posts big blind [$5.00 USD].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to HERO[ Ah Ac ]
Zizou06 folds
Antrozous raises [$12.50 USD]
HERO raises [$40.00 USD]
Antrozous raises [$102.00 USD]
HERO raises [$175.00 USD]
Antrozous raises [$683.00 USD]
HERO calls [$374.12 USD]
Antrozous wins $205.88 USD
Antrozous shows [Qs, Qd ]
HERO shows [Ah, Ac ]
** Dealing Flop ** [ 5s, 3h, 3c ]
** Dealing Turn ** [ 4c ]
** Dealing River ** [ Qh ]
Antrozous wins $1186.24 USD from main pot
Long time no update. Basically iv been a little letdown the past couple of weeks. Was really excited about a screen test for skypoker who are auditioning for new analysts and i was shortlisted (makes sense if you ever read jeeves account on blonde (skypoker- snalysis for fish by fish) ) but the produced called me to say its been postponed. Genuinely hope it has been and they arent copping me off as i think the team is great and the setup really good fun.

Playing a fair bit of lowstakes cash atm (whats new) and doing OK, started month brightly but been leaking a tonne last two weeks, prolly need a break to get back on track.

Played a load of mtts lately and remembered why i utterly hate them. Lost pot for the CL in the $200 fo in gukpt online festival with 88 v AA on 89Q board, obv he gets there. Then lost a humongous pot in the main event with a set v the nut flush draw for 2* 2nd places chips with 30 left. Utter bollocks. Havent had an mtt result in so long now. Might do a full report as there were lots of interesing hands, 2 versus lovejoy were very interesting in blind battles.

Oh, had a really fun one tonight too. 100r on bluesquirrel, i have 2* average stack and clash with 2nd in chips at table. A complete b@tfuck (french obviously) has been going loco. I open on the button w AK for 3*bb, he makes it 10* with about 35bb stack total. Now seriously v a good player i will occasionally give this up, even taking into account the button/blind etc stuff, purely because i am hammering the table on the bubble and can smash it up playing small ball. Actually thats a lie, i fold this less than 1% of the time, but the point is v this guy AK is the nuts. Pot is gonna be huge if we get it in, like CL atm has 67k with 32 left and pot will be more than 100k. Obv i jam, instacall from this muppet with KQ and Q is the doorcard. ONE TIME thats all i ask.

Qualified for Luton last week so hoping to play a fair few comps, with/without backing (probs need to sell a bit to cover exs- not rolled for £500 events)so let me know if ur interested, will probs be selling action @ 1.2 as im pretty sure my blind grandma has a 20% edge on the fields in Luton and my day two record is good (cant close the deal for shit but im learning :).

Anyway, wanted to whine (nothing new there) and hope to see a few of you in Luton for drinking games and poker!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ugh. Was playing so well at the beginning of the month, but seem to have lost my appetite for it at the moment. Playing really bad, stacking off way too light and generally being a tool. Just started leaking all over the fooking shop. I play a 28/24 game and after a while i stop getting all respect. Think i will probably play a very very tight game for a couple of weeks and cure a few ppl of calling.
Gonna play some live poker for a bit to sooth my brain tonight, need some practive before the fessy.

GUKPT online fessy has so far been a washout. Went out early on in the $200 FO on Monday. 5k chips. Limp, call a raise to 150 at the 50/100 level w 88. Flop 810Q v a prize donkey and cr him small hoping for a shove. He obliges and AA gets there on the river. A decent players edge in these things is absolutely huge. I saw a sick hand with Jen Mason yesterday v a guy that must have been two sandwiches short of a picnic, vul Jen.

Yesterday the $300 FO. Played a bit too loose early on, trying a risky float that got snapped off on the river instantly by an unknown. Wont be trying it on v him again for a while anyhow. Then bluffed red-dog, but he got his vengeance nicely. IMO bluesq need a timebank to aid with the tricky decisions, its all to bloody fast to think through a hand. Anyhow, he had bluffed me on the river wiht 9 high, and i didnt make the call with J high, so wp Tom. Got down to 3k (7k starting), then found some nice shove spots with a clean image and got back up to 7k. Then started warring with Romanello. He must have thought i was having a pop at him, but he was very active and i rr him first with AQs, then with QQ and he folds both times. He then min raise opens utg+1 to 600, i make it 1800, he makes it 3600 and im considering passing AK lol. In reality though i know he's trying to fuck with my head and portray a monster when weak, so i jam. He calls w 66 and holds for a 19k top5 chips pot. Sigh.

Seriously hope i run good in the ME, need some inspiration, my cash game form is dire atm. ppl calling cbets with underpairs and hitting sets happening every 10 hands it feels like. Ok, off to Luton now, cya.

Monday, July 21, 2008

GUKPT online fessy this week ppl. Some great value with added seats to champ of champs tournament and 10k added to ME.

Havent been doing much lately as have been playing an awful lot and writing a lot for IP. Got my screen test for Skypoker later this week, i really like the setup there and would be chuffed if i could get a slot, so here's hoping i dont screw it up.

Anyway, i found this old poem of sorts about my grandad (Pat Kane). Just a fun little thing about him and his mates and their game of cards (i think money was involved).
Iv just copied it word for word from the original, i think editing the spellings would be an injustice.

"The Game of 25" (By Peter Kelly)

Its a fine Sunday morning
And im happy to be alive
As i make my way to the "Bird in Hand"
For the Game of 25

I always like to be early
For its a pity to be late
Id miss my place at the table
And my part in the famous "8"

Now ill put you in the picture
And name players one by one
But i want you to understand
That i intend to hurt no-one

Now on my left sits Patrick Kane
A man of some renown
He comes from a little place called Boyle
Not far from Roscommon town

He is the local builder
And roofer iv no doubt
For iv been in trouble many a time
And he kept the water out

Tom O' Connor comes from Sligo
Or is it Mayo?
Sure it is so long since he left there
That im sure he doesnt kno

He gets excited how and then
And we all have to look out
For he bangs the table with his hand
And spills your pint of stout

Now T.F Clarke a notable man
Im sure you'll all agree
He tells us yarns and stories
And fills our hearts with glee

The way he acts and the way he talks
You would think he was a hard case
But im sure you have heard him say
That he wouldnt send a wild duck on a wild goose chase

Next comes Mick Comerfod
The man who talks the most
Some call him the long fellow
Others the Holy ghost

He rears up and shouts a bit
And one feels like shouting back
But he's good at "25"
And you could say he's got the knack

Mixy Palmer comes from Kerry
A man of Fame you know
He made his name playing football
with Kerry long ago

He is a white collar worker
And fame follows him still
He is manager at the metal box
and resides at muswell hill

Con Mackay comes from Limerick
A famous hurling name
A relation to that illustrious one
who is now in the hall of fame

Con he was a plumber
And retired eventually
To live above in broomfield park
In the lap of luxury

Next comes Jim Comerford
The man who plays the game
If you make a mistake or mess about
You'll be sorry that you came

He'll argue the toss and make his point
And is a wonder to us all
Some say without him,
There would be no game at all

Kelly comes from Carlow
Some think that he is quiet
Out a bottle of whiskey infront of him
He'd talk and sing all night

He takes the game seriously
And thinks he knows it all
But personally speaking
I think he cant play at all

Of substitutes we have many.
Tis right that you should know
Big Cyril Cyril Peter Rogan & John Kelly
Theres another one called kelly
He too can give a verse
And as fro Tommy Ronan
He'll put you in your place
Then theres little Led
Pat Russel from Chommel
Tom Mullarkey Michael Campbell
Big Tom and George as well
And last of all theres Cassidy
The man from charlestown
But he lives up there in Southgate,
And its seldom he comes down.

Now if you should make a blunder
Or should lose the count
They'll advise you and chastise you
And they might even pull you out

And now the game is over
and its time to draw the line
We have won and lost for two short hours
Of god almighty's time
Its another week till we meet again
With God's help we'll all survive
And sit round the table once again
For the game of 25.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ok havent been writing for ages but was prompted the other day. So here you go. I really cant be arsed atm.

How to exploit a pedigree nit. Guy was playing 12/7/2.4 over 500 hands. Deffo a uber nit. Since he opens utg his range is super narrow and obv at the top of his range, so what can he call with. AA, thats it. The original raise was meant to get him off KK/QQ/JJ but then his insta small re-raise just looked so weak. So obv we jam.
Been getting away with a lot of this BS lately, wil have to put in some proper sessions soon and reap the rewards.

**** Hand History for Game 382606650 *****
$200.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Wednesday, July 09, 02:41:25 ET 2008
Table Oxygen 121 (Real Money)
Seat 4 is the button
Seat 1: gingerbom ( $341.00 USD )
Seat 2: JammyJenny ( $219.10 USD )
Seat 3: HookersBlow ( $191.00 USD )
Seat 4: ElMagnifico ( $179.45 USD )
Seat 5: RHCP300 ( $175.16 USD )
Seat 6: Carroline ( $80.45 USD )
RHCP300 posts small blind [$1.00 USD].
Carroline posts big blind [$2.00 USD].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to JammyJenny [ Td Jh ]
gingerbom raises [$7.00 USD]
JammyJenny calls [$7.00 USD]
HookersBlow folds
ElMagnifico folds
RHCP300 folds
Carroline folds
** Dealing Flop ** [ 4h, 5d, Ad ]
gingerbom bets [$17.00 USD]
JammyJenny raises [$45.00 USD]
gingerbom raises [$56.00 USD]
JammyJenny raises [$167.10 USD]
gingerbom folds
JammyJenny wins $139.10 USD
JammyJenny shows [Td, Jh ]
JammyJenny wins $160.00 USD from main pot

Wish this coulda happened at the Western on weekend, but live players are more heroic.

Also, go read Doms blog, you can find a link to it somewhere. ATM im just too knackered to be bothering.