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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wow. looks like im finally going to earn some serious money this year afterall. The last month or so has been immense, not sure why but my reads are cushdie and the games have got soft. The new betfair account is golden is appears and the number of idiots on ladbrokes is insane. I think the main reason my results have got so much better is a little more balance, not playing mtts at all anymore, well, sometimes sundays and also bouncing ideas about with my students/mates. I always think how odd it is when you look back at your game say 1 year ago and compare it to what you know now, realise you were a complete spewmonkey and that now you are faaaar better. Does this happen every year? Do you reach a peak or does brunson still laugh at himself for getting involved in 3bet pots with 102o?

Off to Bali with the missus soon, then gonna pop over to vienna for a few days then get back in time for the DTD monte carlo thing, which im gonna win. I really should play a few more of the better live comps, but the harsh reality is they just aint that worthwhile unless the buyin is biggish, field soft and i feel good. Trying to be more professional and look at hourly has left me feeling kinda elated and embarassed. My hourly this year across all sites for cash is substantial. Why my work ethic was so bad i dont know. I guess i can blame moving (1 month+) and blackbelt grading (1month) partly for the lacklustre start to the year, but comparing myself and the hands im putting in to people like alex bowler and clarkatriod and it really hammers home the different requirement in attitude you need to go from a nice standard of living to making chunks.

Been watching 2m2m and i thought it was pretty decent. Brain Hastings voice does go right through me and Emil comes across as a kinda detatched gimp, the last episode when his PA is packing his bags while hes sat on the bed, i swear i could have shipped that euromillions on friday for 56 superdimes and wouldnt be able to be so cold and (it looked) demeaning. Its embarassing, leave the room while shes working....TBH krantz seemed ok but uhoa and ansky was probably the best of the bunch. Hastings voice and AE jones come across really badly. Interestingly, i always liked leggo's strategy segments on 2+2 poddies, but having seen the guy and how he reacted to an argument about reverse implied odds or some shit all i could think was my god what a twat. Thing is you can argue just about anything in poker, there is always a different answer for any different hand, which is why iv been thinking a lot about balancing lately. It seems to me that a lot of reasonable grinders dont understand this point about balancing v regs and going for max exploitation v fish. All they do is go max exploitation v everyone and fuck themselves over by, for example, never showing up with a bluff when they river CR. Dont get me wrong, im grateful, but its gonna be a while before the floodgates open in online poker again and in that 4/5 year gap learning to beat tougher players will be the biggest challenge. With that in mind i was thinking about the whole Akenhead fiasco, how th fuck can u final the wsope main, wsop main and the million. Literally such a huge sick achievement and got me thinking what do i want to do/be eventually. Tbh i think i lack the right ambition, im really not interested in tournament prowess and all the jazz. Maybe ill have to have a crack at it one day, just not right now :)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hi ppl, not much to report, been grinding my tits off, took some shots higher but they didnt workout too well. Nevermind. Going well with my students now, Stijn in particular seems to be super smart and will go really far in the game i think, just started with Pat but signs look promising, found a little goldmine new site too, which is awesome.

Pippa is doing well, growing quite fast i think, cant wait till shes big enough to take out as i can see her getting frustrated being restricted to the house and garden. Not long now before we go after those rats pips!

Gonna post on here that im taking on 1 more student in December (already got my other lined up), my rates have gone up a little as the exchange rate/ my portfolio is stronger, but email me at alexander_martin@hotmail.co.uk if you want 200-400nl coaching. I only take guys for a 4 week schedule, putting in 5/6 hours a week to really get ideas flowing, impart some thought process. I cant justify coaching higher as my winrate is super mediocre (3bb/100), but im 11bb/100 for 200nl this year playing a redline winrate/ blueline flatline 26/21/3 style.