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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Women. Im not entirely sure why but i told suzanne that id go to topshop on Saturday afternoon when i wasn't thinking str8 on Friday night. Went to Oxford circus after a late one @ G-luton and wow that place is my idea of hell. Had a lol moment though when whilst walking along in a slightly heated debate i said something like "how long is a womens 2 minutes?" to which some random black guy with a bird turned round to me and said "about 2 hours's". He knows the score.

Luton friday is a comp i never usually get going in, the lure of juicier cash games luring me away early on. But i played a bit differently on Friday and went deep, only to miss a cracking opportunity to bluff the chip leader and rueing it after that. With 2 1/2 large for 1st and £100 for 9th i was always going to be splashing about come bubble time but unfortunately i got felted by a nit, who limped after a limp 5 handed with 1010 and 7 big blinds. Marvellous. Couldnt put him on a hand :(

Played a bit afterwards and got bluffed by Anthony (sp>??) in a holdem pot where he actually had the best hand. But it doesnt change the fact that he floated me in position, called my 1st 2 barrels with air, then re-raised my third barrel with 8 high on a AAK310 board. El bastardo. One day ill make a beautiful play against this guy and have his head spinning, for now ill have to wait till he stacks off with 56sooooted v KK preflop. Also watched Mo Muse play a bit and he gets better everytime i see him. Only he can get a 200BB all-in bet preflop with KK paid off by A10. Of course the A hit but its not the point. I saw a cracking hand with him (that iv prolly already talked about) where on a board of 4c5c 9s he was asked to call a £300 bet into a £400 pot. He decided his oppo was ona flush draw and asked him if his Q high was winning. Eventually he called with Q8o which was beating 3c8c. Thats courage, but a bit too much like gambling for my taste.

Footy tomorrow and then im off to help peg out a shoot at my bud Toms place on Monday. Should be a cracking affair, we have 8 guns and 8 beaters plus 2 pickers up. Im gonna beat and let my old man try his ageing eyesight on some stonking pheasants. After that im gonna play a couple of the online comps tomorrow night before a hectic week. The GUKPT wrap party iv been kindly given an invite to, so ill go along and abuse Mickey for a bit about his sponsorhip deal and convince him to give it to me. Looking forward to the free bar and the BlueSQ boys getting me plastered, probably before saying can you please start to win again please.

Xmas cracker events lined up so far are the £100, £200 and £400 events provided i can run well in the runup. Dont want to play the ME unless i get a touch as its Xmas coming up and i need to get more money into the house fund and get those annoyingly expensive xmas pressies.

Ill post later this week.

Also, i think iv been being a bit of a tool with regard to people commenting on here. I see other (better) blogs with about 20 comments a post and always feel a little jealous, im shallow i guess. So from now on ill reply to all comments regardless, including and filthy whoring or link swapping buggers.

Finally. Iv copy and pasted this from a blog i read every month or so, the guy actually got me addicted to poker in the 1st place so i guess i owe (or he owe's ?) him something. Got me thinking of my own personal thoughts on overcrowding and global warming, which are on my other blog, which i usually write in half cut.

So, from Andy Ward's GIQ

"Now, what I want to link this to is the fact that, globally, there are some extraordinarily serious issues to deal with, and they need to be dealt with now. Climate change. Limited oil reserves. The general threat of overpopulation and resource shortage. Looming over all of these, the fact that we have wired ourselves up with enough nuclear hardware to take us all to hell a thousand times over. Worst of all, we've created a society where it's not in anyone's interest to incur short-term pain for long or even medium-term benefit. Which I'll come on to in a day or two, although if you have half a brain and half an eye open to what's happening, the parallels should be perfectly clear anyway."

Thursday, November 22, 2007

LOLZ, why is my BlueSQ account rigged so hard. Won a decent chunk @ 3/6HE + 2/4PLO this morning playing a bit loco for a short session. Also won the £50 Rebuy @ Luton last night. Looking forward to playing small again for a bit to satisfy my trader scheme but im coming to the conclusion that 1/2 on ipoker is pretty close to the ugliest game in town. Bring on the penny stakes!!!! Also will be playing the events @ Luton Xmas cracker. If anyone wants to swapsie/buy % let me know.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Non-stop losing. Have now lost @ 1/2HE about 5 1/2 grand and cant do much right. Apart from on Friday and Saturday nights the games are so nitty that my deep bluffs dont work, the hands i rep walk into the real hands and i never get my money in good anymore. 2/4 plo is going well but im pretty sure i cant beat the 1/2 tables on ipoker anymore. Pretty horrendous. I know my stuff, do my homework and still cant beat the nits. So im not embarassed to say im dropping down to .50/1 for a period. Its not happy but iv seen im running @ 7BB/100 over 20k hands on there so why did i ever play 1/2 in the 1st place. Should be a sad day but actually i feel happier. Baby has to eat.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pretty bad week but played Friday and tonight and i might get out of it with a decent Sunday. Had some hilarious hands today but got coolered a coupld of times. Someone called CxxxxDonk took 4 buyins off me on 2 tables in about 5 mins at the end of this evening session. Was purely because my session length was too long and i lost focus (plus i had AAA on an AK1024 board, but he obv hit floosh on riv). Still finsished up 4Bi. Played some really enjoyable poker today, was 12 tabling for a lot of the week but have gone back down to 9 which for me, short-handed, is the magic number. Iv been onto the small-stakes nl thread on 2+2 and was told i was too tight. So iv opened up a lot more and today saw me making some wonderful plays. 600 deep v villain i call a 40 3-bet from the BB with 36soooted. Flop comes 337 and i insta jam. Normally i wouldnt but oppo was from France and they cant lay down a hand. No help for AA despite me sweating the flushy turn and the chat-box went loco. Enjoyed that one. I just need to work on the silly decisions in big pots and i think ill get back on track pretty easy. Also im thinking of only playing on Fri/Sat nights when the fishies are out in force, i give too much action to the weelday regs methinks.

Busy week next week, iv been contacted about a reality poker TV show which im obv very interested in. Ill be coaching some newbie that gets given 10k......lol how can i coach anybody. Also got a lot to get writing for InsidePoker who im writing for on a regular basis. Yes thats my mug in the mag, only look like that when not staying up till 4am every night :(

Stopping playing live for a while. Might have a go @ playing the Grosvenor GF but deffo via satellite. Its going to be the strongest field and super hard but i like money and the 1st prize is gonna be biiiig. Plus im an unknown which helps a lot.

Its the ECOOP coming up soon and im deffo playing a few of them. The 6-max deffo, one of the $250 jobbies and prob the ME. Playing a bit of PLO and running super good which is funny as im not a plo player really. Its just that the competition can be laughably bad. Playing 2/4 plo on the Strongbad996 account and i have 55AAds. Flop of 445 and i lead for pot, i get popped and some chappie flats. ok lets dance. Insta call from some mateyboy with A4xx and then guy with deep stack lets the timer go down.....and calls off with 67xx. LOLZ. Ship ship.

The good thing is, iv stopped the tilt. Im back on top and my head is clear.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fuuuuck this. I can honestly say that this game is like fucking bingo at times. Playing on 1/2 buyins for the next 2 weeks to stop tilt and tonight was another car crash. Im getting so sick and tired of playing solid and getting donkey after donkey hit a 3456 outer with insta ease.

Good things to come out of tonight... Logitech keyboards are pretty good. I just threw mine out the window pretty hard, it landed on the tarmac pretty hard but there has been no lasting damage. The wardrobe was a much tougher adversary and my right hand still hurts. I swear if i ran 1/2 decent for a month id be 100k to the good. Ah well i keep telling myself, this is variance, suck it up and be a man. Professional poker means taking the lows with the lowers so i guess ill have some dinner and buy some cigarettes to keep me sane before going again.

Arghhhhh. FFS. How long can this go on for? Still losing money daily, despite having a good start to the week. Still in the middle of a 20BI downswing which is crucifying me daily. My expected v actual showdown graph is a fucking triangle. Iv stopped tilting and am playing pretty well, not playing much poker but cooler after cooler, beat after beat just wears you down. Players calling a re-re-raise preflop with 4-1 implied odds with K10 sooted, flopping a flush draw and standard hitting. Isnt a flush draw a 33% shot? Ipoker seems to have upped it to a 99% lock. Stopped feeling quite so bad after taking a few chill pills and relaxing but im not sure how i would cope if the pots were lets say 3* bigger. I lost a huge cash pot to Imran @ G casino on Friday night and felt pretty sick. It was Omaha and after getting 200 of my stack in pre with AAQQ i flop Q92 rainbow. Bish bash bosh but WTF is he doing calling my preflop rr with 6710J double suited. Won a minor comp @ Luton last week outright for a touch.

Its a shame im running so bad coz i actually feel really good about poker at the moment. Im going to Vegas on Jan 1st with a few ppl and hopefully i can excorcise my demons by then. Not gonna go with a lot of cash as im a bit brassic at the mo but im being staked by a friend in bigger cash and tournos which is nice.

Im praying that this week i can start to hold versus these monkeys. And please no more KK v AA hits, i took 3 today, 2 in SB v BB hits. Marvellous.

Been experimenting a little with buying in for 1/2 stacks during peak time. You deffo get a lot more action from regs that would shut down if you had a full stack. Plus you have less tricky decisions and deffo get a lot more action. I will deffo be giving it a go for a bit, just to see if it helps my mind management.

Come on Pokah, i have had enough punishment, man's got to eat :)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Is it always gona be like this? Ok so after playing too much and rather badly i had a break for a few days and played again. Logged 2 decent wins and felt better. Cut down to 6/7 tables and played a bit of poker :) Also started to go back to what im good at, table selection. Played @ Luton a bit at the weekend, logged 2 small wins there too so hopefully getting better. My tournament form is pretty bad at the mo, lost a 8000 pot in the 1st level with A10 v A6 of kieth "megalodon". Just shows what occasional moves can do for your image. After that i got involved in a coup with A10 on a 2210 board that was raised preflop but think i should have got away. Ah well.

This week has started pretty badly online all because of 1 hand, which im still unsure about.
I have 5c7c and raise preflop with a stack of 550 to $8. Button calls (500) and BB (220) makes it $24 to play. I elect to call, as my image is super nutcase. Flop comes 3c6c9s. BB leads out for 60 and i min re-raise to 120 ( i recognise this was a big mistake as im shutting out value with a big drawing hand, but i really didnt want turntable making a big play on me). Button now times down and moves all-in for lots more. BB calls and action is on me. I 'know' (pray?) he has a set and make the call. Guy has 66 and i dont hit my 40% shot. :(

The most important thing however, feeling good about my game again! GL to amatay too who has just decided to give full time a go, best of luck son.