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Monday, May 03, 2010

Well april was good overall, mainly because i ran like absolute god. Didnt manage to get that many hands in as spent a week in manchester being a degenerate and being a bit dumb with money. Ah well, only old once. Will be going to vegas with the pokerfarm, hopefully bink something. Should be pretty cool hanging out with some of the pokerfarm guys i havent spent much time with yet, and also be fun hanging with bordy, i think we could be in for some good times. Planning on playing all the 6max comps (except the $25k) and probably the main, although i dont really want to spend more than 3 weeks out there. Some other good stuff coming up including notts ukipt, gonna be sticking in a couple of guys from the office that deserve a little shot at a decent chunk. Feel a bit drained and pokered out, training guys to beat 50 and 100nl is pretty tough, given 6max holdem is played to a disgustingly high standard nowadays, at almost all stakes. Wish i still had that bet to take v padraig parkinson, would be a pretty easy $10k imo.

Having some real issues getting hold of a house close to the office (borehamwood), for some reason they wont accept 4/5 20-something y.o guys with no proof of income. Even if we will pay 6months upfront. Seems a bit crazy to me, but if anyone reading this can help me out, ill be much obliged. Want 4/5 bedroom nice houses in barnet/edgware/bushey/mill hill are, paying £2.5-4k pm. So looks like im gonna take a holiday in a couple of weeks, not sure yet where im going, might treat my mum to somewhere nice and just lounge on a beach for a week. Seeing sunlight again might be a bit of a shock to the system though :)