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Thursday, February 11, 2010

lazy me. well, hardly, iv been really busy with a new project. Ill talk more openly on here later in the year as i dont want to offend anyone or appear ungrateful or arrogant. pokers been going well, kinda averaging 3:1 in winning sessions to losing on a new site @ 2/4E, but am involved in a new circle with some realy smart guys, working together daily and grinding our nuts off. Kudos to a freind of mine mr reynolds for being able to rake $12k a month playing 100nl. Please find someone on this planet thats not a retard that has a better work ethic.

Ill be sorting out some links, some are redundant and some are crap/broken. I have no idea why i went to the effort of doing that stars blogger thing, seeing as i open jammed every hand in event one and didnt play any of the rest. wp stars, u gg'd me. guess i am a lazy fk afterall....