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Friday, January 22, 2010

jan update, doing my brains, going back to mtts for a little while as the skill gap is so vast its incred. finalled the 100fo on laddies tonight and the 20r on ipoker for about 2.5, but couldnt close either, 5th in idonk and 3rd in the laddies sit and dont go (such a ridic slow structure i wont be playing that again). Got a pretty good thing going on right now, so hopefully 2010 will be a gr8 year. Also i thought id get involved in this, might aswell, eh?

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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Ok, so gonna do a yearly review, as i was reading Neils blurb the other day about keeping book and i think im generally pretty bad at it.Was a decent year overall, i mean i survived (still havent had the tournament bink to set me up proper obv), moved in to a fab new house, had some nice holidays and stuff so im happy w that.

Cash was a little disappointing tbh, i was happy with my winrate/game but suffered from a sever lack of work ethic and a tendency to tilt at times. When i finally decided to accept advice and move up to 1knl i got bitchslapped pretty hard, running bad and trying really funky spewy lines, which didnt work out so good, which resulted in not wanting to play etcetc. Online donkaments i did ok, Strongbad919 won about 15-20k on ipoker, Jenny won about 20 on betfair, so happy w that. Independant ventures on stars and tilt went terribly, think my stars roi is in the bottom 1 percentile.

Live went really well overall, didnt play a lot of big events due to tight pursestrings owing to the house, but was happy w my play, really happy with my 1k wsope. In the local side of things, i won the luton 2009 league, which was quite cool and of which im quite proud really, guess i won about 20 sterling there last year, half and half in the small 50-200 mtts and the rest in the biggest 1/2 game in the country (on a fri/sun theres about 10k on the table which creates some wickedly fun action). Did my absolutes on drinking/partying a few too many times but meh, young, toning that down now.

In sadder news, insidepoker folded, which for me was a crying shame because of the quality of the mag and the fact that it basically meant that i had a locked on mortgage payment every month. Nevermind, will be trialling some stuff in a new venture soon :P

Coaching i was really happy with, my 1st student mikel ended up progressing really well until he decided poker wasnt his route in life and took a disgustingly well paid engineering gig. Pat on bodog exceeded expectations, so much so he bragged about it here

My other student stijn has postponed his coaching till he graduates (he paid me in full upfront...trusting dutchman, unusual after recent rumours on the uk circuit), but i think hes got the ability to exceed almost everyone i know in 6max (apart from sida obv, sigh).

Moving onto 2010, im gonna grind my fking tits off in a word. Im kinda fedup w the whole staking thing in a way, so will be looking to make a wedge and go fully independant by the middle of the year, possibly on a joint venture with the degen known as adam reynolds (u heard of him here 1st). Iv been approached by a number of people regarding coaching (christ knows why but might aswell stick a finger in another cake) and as a result im almost fully booked for the 1st quarter, which is handy as ill be attempting not to spend any moneybookers $ on dumb 100000 field donkaments on sundays chasing a (very unrealistic) 1 bink dream and instead will be using the money for a well-planned vegas trip (still a vegas virgin). 2010 will be a locked down grind, im gonna emulate some other guys i admire in the uk, mainly upthemariners and clarkatroid, who really put the time and effort in.

Also, this year