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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

IM GETTING KIND OF TIRED OF SAYING THIS. It seems like 1 step forward, 2 steps back at the moment. I am incapabel of good bankroll management. I just had quite a good preiod prior to this, but a few suckouts, some poor poker and playing in games too big for me has totally destroyed my bankroll on all Tribeca accounts. I still had some money in UB and william hill and decided to withdraw it all (all $160 of it) before i did the rest. Cant believe iv done it again. This is the biggest obstacle to my online game by a mile. Im having an online break and going back to square 1, again. Im going to go and buy a poker diary (a paper, tangible one- not some shit website that i cant be arsed with doing). Im going to not play online for a while until i get this and i want to organise my poker "play book" which is Tipodds and sods collection of my thouhts. Also, might be getting a comp upgrade, does anyone know if VC/UB will send me my player notes or are they stored online?
Really mean it this time. Going to log everything, going to play within my bankroll and going to be patient and STICK TO MY OBJECTIVES. I maen for crying out loud, im a winning poker player, had played online properly for over 4 years now and im still not minted. I should be playing 10-20NL cash by no ffs. This time. Im really going to work damn hard and do it. I think this is the 4th time iv said this, i feel very stupid.
Tip of the day- no tip. Its a bad day.


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