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Saturday, October 28, 2006

A big Saturday night lined up. Im going to play all the gigger MTT's on Tribeca and a couple of the larger events on UB. Ill play like a rock and hope i go deep in a couple of event, then open the game up and engage the chip magnet. Winning a nice MTT would set the tone for the week ahead. Ill be playing with the Artist and if he's up for it we might play the Tribeca $500 Freeezeout, depending on how many runners. Congrats to DPommo for getting to day 2 in EPT Dublin, lets hope he can answer D.Negreanu's criticism with a major result.
The past 2 nights i have been dreaming about Southampton, lol, nothing like a good live tournie to get the blood flowing and the nerves jacked up.
Been running well in the Tribeca Cash and this is probably the best call i have ever made. Me and opponent (good opponent, capable of anything, but mailny solid). Stacks are $400 deep between me and him. I have KhKc and raise to $10 preflop. 2 Callers. Flop comes 9h5cJc. I bet pot on flop, he calls. Turn comes Ac (ugliest card in the world). I check, he bets 1/2 pot. Now this is interesting, if he was chasing a Club flush, he would have had the nut flush draw 90% of the time. At this point i am showing weakness by checking the Ace and i reckon he figures im done with the hand. He either has me fucked with AJ or was on a str8 draw on the flop with Q10. I dont think he was flushing because he would have had the nut flush draw (detailed notes on him). I elect to call, after I still have the nut draw. River 7h. I check, he goes all-in overbetting the pot (pot $250, his bet $280ish. Hmmmmm. I start to engage the grey matter. He cant have the nuts as i have the K clubs, and he knows i could have the nuts as i bet preflop. His bet could be an overbet "bluffalike" move, but that is normally done with the stone cold coco's with this player. I think he could well be bluffing with KJ or even Q10 as the bet is so huge. Realistically its his only way to win the pot if he has missed his draw AND i have shown immense weakness by checkin to him twice. I call and he has Qc2h. I like his play, but im happy with my reasoning, normally i would NEVER call even the bet on the turn, but when things dont add up in online poker, use your brain. Evaluate possible holdings and then form a map of events. The answer is normally out there if you know your opponents and use your head.

gl all, ESP ME TOMORROW!!!!!!


Blogger Royal Flush said...

Hi m8 whats your name on Tribeca?

I am also playing Southampton :D

1:08 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...


gl Royal Flush c u there,

12:10 AM  

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