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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Played the £15 rebuy @ Luton and made the final table. Came 9th. Played shit. Never mind,
only really went to buy in for the Southampton £500 FO and see the artist.

Then played the £250 NL Cash game and played well/got lucky depending on your pov. Left with £800. The artist also ran well and we took all the easy money on the table and fucked off @ about 2.30am. ha ha ha.
Incredibly excited about my newly ordered comp < geek! Also really excited about life in general. Im in a rich vein of form at the moment and hopefully that will translate into a result or 2 this weekend. Playing a couple of major Satellites this weekend (Pokerface/WPT events/ maybe amsterdam masters) on Tribeca and obv the Southampton tournies.

When poker is going well its so important that you recognise WHY. Every player has the highs and lows but being honest with yourself and your limitations has really focused my game. Iv reached a level at which im really comfortable with my poker and am wealthier than i have ever been at any stage of my life. It feels THE SHIT!!!!!

gl all. Alex "metamorphic" Martin. I know im a rock, you know im a rock, so lets make me a rock. Fuck im mad.


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