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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Where to start, having been off with the flu lately iv let my blog run away.
1s port of call, the Southern Masters. Arrived early after a cracking nights sleep and even did the artist out of £150 notes on the train journey down :)
A bit of a disappointment as only 75 odd runners so the 1st prize of 13.5k wasnt huge.
My starting table had 2 internet qualifiers, plus some Soton regulars, also Marc Greco fresh from the EPT dublin. Early on and it appears there is one loose cannon, the blind strucutre has been altered and now we have a 10k starting stack and 1hour clock. I rock up.
Early on a i get dealt JJ on the button. 4 limpers, i elect to play a small pot PF and limp. Flop comes magic 6s7s Jh. Aggro player bets ful pot. 1 Caller. Board is way too connected to let another card peel off so i raise and aggro goes all-in. I call and dodge his 12 outs for my 1st big pot. Next big pot. Greco at blinds 100/200 has got into the habit of nicking my BB. I hold 55 and acter he raises to 600 i flat call. Flop comes JJ9. I check, he checks, turn comes a 5. I bet 2/3 pot. He calls. River comes a K. Now my play was to check raise on the river as he has shown aggression whenever checked to, so i check and he bets 3k into a 3k pot. My stack is 18k and his is 20k. I Call???!?!?!?!?!? That was a costly mistake, i should have fucked him as he made his str8 on the river.

A little later and im dealt AA in the BB. Folded round to me :)
No more hands till just before dinner. I get QJclubs and raise to 1000 to play. 1 caller. Flop comes Ad10d4 no clubs. I bet 2/3 pot. 1 caller. Turn comes 8. I check, solid player bets.....I have a brain fart and go all-in!!, he folds and shows QJd. So i (yip im a donkey) showed mine. Got a few gasps there. So with my new found cracking image i get......moved. Fking A.
New table, new ppl, new stacks. Iv got 2 UK pro's at my table and a couple of younger guys including Flush Royal a blonde poker chappie. A few hands in and its a battle of the blinds, me big, him small. Holding 77 flop comes J97. He bets pot nto me, i raise, he thinks for a bit then moves in. Double up and now have chips. I try a couple of ill-advised nicks and get snapped off. I then find out that the 2 players in the blinds when im in the Cutoff are weak. Lady goes all-in with AQ (she has a big stack :) ) against pro's KK. I dont think she even realised she was behind ;)

I then played this hand against Jeff Rogers, who imo is a cracking player. He raises pf, i call with 88. Flop comes J79. He bets big, i re-raise (ill be honest with you, im not sure why, just felt like the right move) he thinks for eternity, pretending to fold and generally making me sweat. He finally passes AJ.....so i show him too ;) I HAVE to stop showing my bluffs, its like an ego trip, but iv got tells and its.
Nice lady though. I then play a big pot with 99, not sure why but i doubted a solid players all-in raise and double him up (relatively small % of my chips). Then this hand against CL to my left. I limp PF with 44. Flop comes 4J9 rainbow. I bet 2/3 pot and get a buyer. Turn comes with an Ace. .....surely the money card if he has AJ. I check, he bets, i call. River, a 10. I check he bets small. Now i know he doesnt have a str8, he's looked too solid to call a bet with a gutshot, so i think im winning. But i rmeembered iv just shown a big bluff, I also saw the chap i bluffed early on talking about me to this guy so figure an all-in move has a high % chance of working and getting me to a 70k stack (average is 25k), assuming he has AJ/J10/J9/A9. I move in, he goes into the tank, he looks like he's going to fold and then does. He folded J9. Nice pass sir.

So im up to 45k and swimming nicely. I then get handed 88 in the BB. Donkey woman raises 3*BB and i call. Flop comes JJ7. I check, she moves all-in!!!!!! Iv seen her do this twice already with random (seriously) hands. 87o preflop early on and JK on a flop of AK7. Im not sure where the fuck i am here. I elect to call (coz it was 4am and i was knackered- dumb call) and she shows KK. That hurt and was the last hand i played before day 2. ended on 30kish.
I started in 9th/18 and with such a top heavy structure i wanted to amass chips . I stole my way to 45k and then had a nightmare hand. Holding K9 i try and nick the blinds. CL calls behind me. Flop comes KQJ. I bet. He calls. Turn comes a 7, i bet again (surely if he had a made hand he raises there to freeze out the srt8/flush opportunities. This time he raises me, and i have to fold.
Not sure but i stil think i was bluffed. Back to work.
Nick back up to 40k and i get Q2d. I raise the BB in a SB/BB confrontation, he goes all-in and im pot commmited and embarassingly show my hand. He has A6 and a flop of A66 wrapped it up for him. Now im short-stacked with 26k and blinds of 2/4. Im looking for a player who is good enough to fold, with a stack that my stack cna hurt and im going to re-raise all-in if i think they are weak. Player to my right raises, J9spades looks like AA and i shove. He thinks for a min or 2 then calls with AJ. No miracles and im out. :(
Im happy with my 1 major live and congrats to the winner, Huss who played v.well and got exceedingly lucky (which is what you need).
Afterwards met the BluSQ operations Manager (very nice chap) and me, Seb and Artist got drinking. We hooked up with some of the high rollers on Tribeca and went out on the tiles. VV messy and there was a fight at the end of the night between mates ( i think). All got a bit freaking stupid and i left em to it.

Since then iv been running really fking bad online, had a horrible cold which has turned to flu and been getting annoyed. New Comp has arrived and i get Broadband next week so im anticipating results in December.

Iv lost a lot of stamina lately and think ill have a break from poker next week. My play has been weak/passive at best and im running real cold.

GL all.


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