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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Absolutely sick. I dont know quite how but after a marathon session last night i dropped $2k.
4 Tabling i was getting screwed left right and centre, my aggresive style of picking up all the small pots didnt work @ all. On one table (blinds 1/2) i had to make my opening raise $15 as otherwise i was getting 3 callers (on a freaking 6-seater table).
Towards the end i had a big stack ($1200) on a table which got ironed out in 2 massive pots. 1 where i flopped middle set against nut set for $400. Then (same guy very next hand) I call a re-raise with KK and the flop comes KJ9. All the money goes in and it turns out the guys wants to re-raise to $60 to play with Q10. Thanks Pokah.

Steering well clear of cash tables for a long long time. The variance is huge (which many people have told me, but which i never truly accepted). Im going back to SnG's and MTT's - my real love.

Gl all. Oh, and Gatsby, i feel truly honoured.....Although it was $17k US and not UK ;)


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