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Monday, February 05, 2007

Been playing sparingly lately due to manfluenza. Played the £75 FO on Friday night at Luton, played nicely the whole way through, a few bad moves but id rather have chips than grind. Made the final table with an average stack. Second hand, button (CL) raises, i glance down and see bullets, in it all goes, he has 88, 8 on flop, all she wrote. Thats poker.
Played at a £3 rebuy game in St.Albans on Thursday night for shits and giggles with Dave "i cant handle my drink" "artist" Halfacree. Was good fun and after spanking him 4-0 HU i then won a HUGE side bet off him later. :) Ship it.

Played the $36 Rebuy 50k on Tribeca last night, played like a donkey to get chips early as you need them to progress through a minefield. A particularly sexy example was setting 2 ppl all-in with 64s only to be called by AA and KK, flop 664. Had the table gambling like nutters but sadly ran QQ into KK twice in one orbit to end my chances.

Will be playing the £50 supersat to Walsall and the £75 FO on Friday. I am coming round to loving live poker, so much more fun.

Job interview tomorrow, probably the most interesting brief iv ever had

Me, "should i bring anything along, like my CV"?
Him, "just urself and ur brain", so i guess im screwed.


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