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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Failed the challenge. By 1. Such is life. On the plus side i have a newfound love of MTT's. Played 26 tournaments in all. 5 Final tables. Won 2, Third twice, 8th once. In the money in 1 other.
Add to that a few major suckouts and it was a good nights work. Im thinking of doing this on a weekly basis.
The problem with the challenge is that the comps where i was fresh (12.00- 8am) never filled up to over 100. The small stakes comps (.50c-$12 rebuys/speed rebuys) had excessive fields and the daily speed comps are a farce. These speed events made up over 1/2 the comps i played and being new to them i didnt know what to expect. A total crapshoot was the reality but i thought i might rule. 1 In the money finish in a 5k speed event was all i could muster. The last comp of the night, the $10k $00 rebuy cost me $400 and i only came 14th. There were only 75 runners so i should deffo not have bothered.
My play definitely deteriorated as the night/day wore on, trying too many bluffs/moves than optimal strategy would advise.
The best moment was taking down the $7k $36r GTD and the 2.6k was warmly welcomed. Another in a $3.5k GTD was sweet too.
After everything was added up i made just over £2k so im chuffed to bits. A little bit more planning would have been great as i missed a few due to desperately needing a power nap.
One note of worth. VC and indeed Tribeca changed the rules halfway through. They made it so you had to finish in the top 18 in 3 consecutive comps. I didnt like this move the goalposts bollocks one bit and was gutted. But i made a decision. I know VC value my custom so i stuck with it. I spoke to management and they advised me to ring them early morning when the cardroom manager would be back (alan i think from memory). So i sent him an e-mail and carried on. While this was going on i was going nuts on the blonde forum illustrating this. Plenty of players were pissed off but some just accepted it as "its their rules, they amend the right to change it when they feel". I spoke to Jamie from BlueSQ and he said he would be sorting out any blueSQ customers that complained/completed the task. Nice guy i thought. He then advised me that my nikinblinds account should not be used from then on............doh!

So the debate raged until the morning when i anticipated VC managers response.
He replied early morning and we spoke on the phone. What a gent. He said he agreed it was a cockup and i had been treated unfairly. He made me a fantastic offer. He also agreed to give me a payout as i felt so cheesed. I didnt know it but im a VC VIP.
This is in addition to the $550 payout i was given as part of their customer appreciation week. Sweet.
Lesson learned. If you think somethings unfair and you dont agree, complain. If no one listens, go higher. You might just get more than you were looking for.

Right, im off to the gym and then to play cash at Luton new G-casino. Apparently there were 850 ppl at the casino tonight. Thats a lot of money that needs somewhere to go................


Blogger julian thew said...

good effort chap,
& not a bad bottom line for a nights work!

11:17 AM  
Blogger Amatay said...

Nice 1. Do you think it is more profitable to play cash and loads of MTT's and tourn in a day's 'work'???

3:35 PM  
Blogger Amatay said...

meant to say cash OR MTT, but u prob figured :-)

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally I am sick of their shit, I cashed out my roll after years of play and in excess of a million hands of poker at Victor Chandler, I have had them set my deposit limit to zero and will play out my action pts (over a million) only at the new site.....they have lost a good customer. A host told me I have paid over 80k in rake so I hope they miss me...CopperDrake

9:53 AM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Thanks Julian, i was happy enough :).
Amatay, i dont know tbh. I suspect im a better cash game player but a lot of the time its too difficult to tell. Given that variance is so high in MTT's its very hard to tell your roi unless you play ALOT and log the results.
Copperdrake, sad to see you go m8. I played you a lot on VC but i dont blame you, their customer service needs a radical overhaul.

3:47 AM  

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