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Thursday, February 08, 2007

It has come to my attention (from the program Gatsby gave me (cheers Paul)) that i have 18 regular daily readers. The aim of this blog was never to turn it into a massive website, but merely to try and give a little insight into my perspective on online poker and maybe give a few tips no wand then. I just wanted to say thanks to those regular readers, it gives me a tiny boost to see my hit total has gone up overnight after losing 8 buy-ins on the tables.

I have also decided to revamp my link lists. There are some people on there who i have never had any correspondance with but linked purely because (when starting out) i liked their material. This is going to change, only freindly bloggers are gonna be on there from now on.

Had the job interview yesterday and it went OK i hope. I think my online poker knowledge is pretty solid but whon knows. As with all 9-5's there are positives and negatives but ill have to wait till next week to see if i got it. GL me.


Blogger amatay said...

i've just starting reading your blog m8. Some of it fucking cracks me up ahahahhaha

11:19 PM  

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