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Friday, February 09, 2007

Thanks amatay, kind words.
Worst night of poker tonight. One of those sickening ones. I make the FT of the super, 3 seats up for grabs. Im average stack then get a kind double up from Joe Grech who needlessly irons out his massive stack. We get down to 5 when my image is bust. Admittedly Jeff Rogers to my left and Dick "i dont have a fricking clue i have paint cards so ill call" to my right made me less likely to get away with moves. Jeff made a big fold to me on day 2 of the Southern masters last year and i showed him the bluff..................doh, and dick will call with anything.
I get blinded to 14k with blinds at 1/2k when dick limps on the button. I find A10soooooted and shove, he insta calls for 1/2 his stack with Q10. 2 spades on the flop means he now has only 2 outs, turn x, drumroll please as Raj the cow deals him a Q on the end.
Marvellous. Can i ever get a hand in a big pot to hold up, erm, no.

In the cash i did my absolute bollocks. Biggest ever loss iv ever had. So i have withdrawn nearly all of my online funds to cover it and give me a nice cash injection. I think its fair to say that in the past few months iv had my chances to make this thing work but for whatever reason, it hasnt.
Im not too depressed, i gave playing poker full time a shot, but i have to face up to the fact i just aint good enough. Poker from now on will be a hobby and if i dont get the job i went for i will probably rejoin the environment agency and do something i enjoy. Still kind of gutting when i think about it, i had some big chances, mainly coming close in the UB $500 FO in the UBOC event (losing a big pot with AK v AJ for top 5 chip leaders) and a couple of needless 4th and 5th places in the Tribeca 20k/15k comps has just been enough to put me out of business. Sad as i was looking forward to Walsall and rate my live poker as up in the top 10% of players. Thats not being big-headed, but honest.
Talking about great poker i must mention a guy called Joe form tonight. A great guy with a nice attitude and a strong game. He called a £200 river bet on a board of Q57810 with AK on the end and won. Great call (i said id mention it to him). Everyone at the table is saying what a mug he was, i told them to fuck off. You play this game of decisions by sometimes using gut instinct. Well done lad.

So online poker pro Strongbad99 is dead in the water and as many people said to me, its a hard game to win at consistently. I agree.
Ah well, i guess there's a whole lot more to life than poker and when i look back 5 years later i can honestly say to myself i gave it the best shot i could.
Now wheres that number for jobseekers...............................



Blogger dibble said...

hey mate - sorry to hear things aren't going your way. gl making the changes you need to.

you may even find the results improving when the pressure's off :)

gl mate

6:47 PM  

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