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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Im pretty sure this is what running well feels like. As i posted previously i was running so bad online and had spent so much outside of poker (holidays) that i had to withdraw about 3 grand to get me back in the black. I left about $500 in the account so that i could maybe spin it back up. Well, iv logged 18 hours of 4 tabling 1/2 NL and am back up to the sexy heights of $3.8k. I KNOW that this is a bad advert for BR management but im coming round to the (probably misguided) opinion that i need to be under pressure to play my best poker. Plenty of pro's think along similar lines.....Benyamine, Negreanu, Gordon etc.....not that im comparing mt abilities to theirs but, you know.......

So im sort of back in business. However, i am fully aware that the real reason i am doing well this week is that its half term. Yep, i wont be misguided enough to think that iv suddenly become a massively winning player, its just that the fish are outnumbering the sharks for once. Pretty sure that this is because some younguns have nicked their parents CCds or some student bums are having a dabble after watching ESPN and having a toke on some dehydrated sticks and seeds.

But I wont be complaining in a hurry. In fact me and my younger brother have just decided on a skiing trip. Not sure where yet but hell, if i dont get offered this job it can be anytime. The only problem is that Europe has shit snow at the mo, but America's drinking age is 21, and JJ looks about 12 (he's 18). So maybe we will do a last minute jobby as soon as we see a French resort has had a dump. It should be awesome as we will bring the lappies along. Schedule will be, wake up, ski all day till 4pm. Play poker till 6 (he's in training- simply means he ignores whatever i tell him, but he's getting better) then go and get absolutely plastered from 7-2. Rinse in the morning and repeat.


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Hello mate,

Cheers for the link, i would link you but i have no idea how to lol!


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