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Monday, February 12, 2007

Had a reasonable evening last night. Played the 60k on Tribeca and came a frustrating 72nd after making a massive power play with AK after a button raiser. We both had 50k when average was 35k so i thought he would fold all marginal holdings for al his chips. Alas he called with pocket nines which held. I dont blame him, but its not a great place to call for all ur chips, even if he thinks iv got AK.
I made the FT of the 15k and then got involved with a KQ of all hands that sent me packing. Paul M3BOY was short stacked on 30k and went ai utg + 1. Im next to act. I opt to call reasoning that he knows he has to take the blinds in a minute and could well be using his minimal fold equity with any 2 cards. Blinds are 10k/5k and i have 150k. Average is 170k. The BB (who looked like an exceptionally weak player earlier) comes along for the ride. Flop comes K104 and the BB leads out with a small bet, i jam, he calls with AK, all over. Paul even had QQ so my outs were somewhat restricted, damn card rack. Bit frustrating as i should never have got involved in the hand in the 1st place. So i cam a weak 6th when i should have been looking at a podium at the very least. I have to stop these sudden and violent bursts of brain flatulence that cost me $ every fricking time.
I actually think my key hand was earlier on. Holding AA there is a limp UTG, then a substantial raise from the cutoff, im on the button with AA and elect to jam. I ONLY did this because i thought utg had a strong hand. I was torn between flat calling in the hope that UTG then goes AI, forcing cutoff to jam, and me to get the big (cutoff) stack in with me. But i decided that was too finicky and 25k for my 90k stack was fine. On another note, player FATTERMARRA is a fantastic player. Scares the living shit out of the table with totally fearless aggression tempered with rapid downshifting of gears. One of the scariest players on Tribeca imo.

A funny bit of side action occured when the bubble approached too. Artist was also playing and we decided to swap 10% for shits and giggles. About 3 hands later i catch him re-re-raising with 4c2c after the button plays back at his button steal. In it all goes and of course his kings hold up. UL Dave, bad beat.

So tonight its the Luton £50 FO then tomorrow night the £100 FO with £1k added. Deffo playing to win as always and going to go absolutely nuts near the bubble (assuming i luckbox my way that far). If i win one i might go down to Walsall, i just want to play a ME so badly!!!!!!!


Blogger snoopy1239 said...

Goodl luck in Luton.

9:10 PM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

The £100 is next Tuesday m8 lol

Yeah that QQ hand sucked. 3 way action with only 5 outs for you 2 - couldnt of been in a better situation.

See you tomorrow for the £75 m8?

10:04 AM  

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