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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Had a fun week so far. Back to winning ways in the live cash and my confidence is high in live MTT's. Im developing a lovely sense of where i am in a hand. The £50 FO was a bit sick as i lost a massive pot to a flush draw on the river when holding the nuts. I think the average was 7k and the pot was 35k. Marvellous.
In the £100 FO last night i got a stack then donked a stack through fancy play syndrome. Im still learning.
Had 2 nice cash sessions back to back making a sweet call with a str8 on a flushing/housing board when i didnt believe a guys massive river bet. The table was suprised at the speed of the call but it felt like one of those " i am the man moments". Only realised after the call that it was way over the £90 i had estimated it to be. Played dealers choice on Monday night too. I really want to learn the game as so many mug's play it at Luton im pretty sure i can kill it if i learn them all.

Much of this week has been about turning corners. I (sadly) didnt get the job, but im torn between sadness and relief. I can now reveal that it was for BlueSQ working alongside Jamie managing the online cardroom. Although without doubt it would have been fantastic, i dont really see myself as a 9-5 kinda guy and the fact i wouldnt be able to play @ Luton means the relief is probably outweighing the sadness.
New Casino in Luton now which i see myself as a real regular at. Hopefully the shiny new place will be a magnet for all those rich folk having a James Bond moment. Opening night is tomorrow so ill be there i guess.
Im setting myself a target for the month from live poker. A bit risky but i like to have goals. £3k a month form live games. That should be achievable if put in 10-15 sessions in the cash game.
Only problem is i dont really have the roll others would advocate i need for the game. Ill be playing a LOT over the next couple of months, trying to top the leaderboards and get some free seats to the Springfest.
On the online front im getting back into the MTT's again. Im just finding that the games are very soft at the moment.

Looking forward to Friday on VC. If you come in the top 18 in any 3 scheduled rebuy events with over 100 runners they are giving you $10000. Seriously. Im gonna get a good nights kip then play the whole day through. Im getting this 10k baby.

If i win a comp in the next couple of weeks im gonna buy in directly to Cardiff too.
So all in all, not earning tonnes of money, but having a lot of fun and doing what i want to do, whenever i want to bloody do it. Lets just hope i dont go broke. But even if i do, iv got a good education and a good degree to fall back on...........so the gamble goes on.

Oh, i forgot to mention. I know a lot about Holdem. But now im learning Omaha/Omaha high low (which i already have a clue about), 7 Card Stud High low, Razz, and also (shock horror) some Irish strategy. Its like iv found a whole new sweet shop.
Loving it.


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