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Monday, February 19, 2007

Reasonable weekend. Got sloshed on Saturday night and woke up with a stinker this morning. Sunday tournies went ok, 2 played, 1 minor cash. Cash games were uneventful and i dropped about $200.
This week im gonna play Luton monday and Tuesday and if i luckbox my way to a win in either im going to shoot off down South to play in the Brighton festival.
Been doing a bit of homework this evening and searching through all the drivel i found this little gem on bodogari's site.
I liked it so much i cut and pasted it here. Enjoy.

Creating Fold Equity
More and more, I'm realizing the importance of this. Ok lets say you're sitting in the BB, and your stack size is 8 BB's. If it gets folded to the button, he's likely to make it 3BB to go with a wide variety of hands. Of course, if you push all in there, he's obviously gonna call, getting greats odds even if his hole cards are very weak. However, if you just flat call, the pot will now contain 7BB's. Now on the flop, you can push all in (regardless of what comes out) for 5 BB's, and he can only call if he hit something. We all know that the majority of times, 2 cards will miss the flop. He'll be very hardpressed to call with the random 2 cards we put him on, and sometimes given the right flop, he'll even lay down the winner. (Imagine he raised with q9- and the flop comes a105- you're 67 will take it down with the push all in).

Problem is you need to have a tight opponent (as with all moves) and they need to be clever enough to know what ur doing, but not have the balls to call you.


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where's the link then m8 ?? lol.

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