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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just put in my 1st 1/2 Cash session on the new software. Painful is the only way to describe this. Multitabled on 4 shorthanded tables for 2 hours for a small loss.The betting is very awkward. The slide bar doesnt allow you to make a 3*BB bet. So you have to manually type 6 in order to make an opening bet. Same for future bets as the slide bar doesnt allow enough finesse for making proper bets. Is this purely to generate more rake? Probably.

Players. Standard on my tables was pretty high tbh. Making notes is slower and tricky, also, i didnt see anyone i have notes on and the notes are supposedly held on an internal server.......i guess ill have to wait and see before judging this.

Speed. The action moves along relatively fast, but i timed out countless times due to overlapping audio-cues that meant i was constantly re-pressing the auto-post blinds button. Ended up going down to 3 tables because of this.

But here is my main gripe that has fucked me off no end. I finished the session earning just under 2000 action points. All action point movements have been reduced by 4/5ths. I was told this was to standardise the points allocation system and keep them in line with existing playtech users. I had over 2 million, now i have about 600k.

So effectively they are telling me that to get 600k AP's all i need to put in is 30 2 hour sessions 4-tabling 1/2NL to make the same action points i made in 1.5 years on Tribeca playing A LOT. This is bollocks. We have been totally screwed over here. Whoever was fighting VC's corner for the exchange deal did a shite job. I dont see me playing cash on the new software unless it gets a few improvements.

Anyone know of a good alternative site for playing cash games? I play low limits 1/2 + 2/4 and need a site with relatively good all round traffic. Stars is too tricky and Party is no good for me either. LONG LIVE TRIBECA!

Off to The Gym in a minute, its 6.40am :). Then im going to go and shoot a few pidgeons on a mates farm and have a couple of pints in a proper country pub. This evening its Luton baby for the (effectively) £100 DC FO. Luton could well be where i might end up playing all my cash games for the next month or so, after all, my edge is good, the players are shite, and i have more cash game experience (hands wise) than (probably) the rest of the table put together. I might get a trombone that i can blow with my trumpet ;)

Tip of the day. Drink beer when playing live poker. It will give you the impression of an obnoxious, loud, lagered up know it all, which is conducive to getting people to bluff/pay you off. Maybe. I'll let you know how it goes.


Anonymous matt brown said...

yes...i am the 4000th visitor, do i get a special prize??!!

im having a flat warming party 10 march if u and the mrs have nothing to do...


4:19 PM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Your special prize is being offered 1st refusal in a $100 HU SNG on a site of your choice.

But as ur minted if you win can you give me the money back ;)

Yeah ill try and come to the flat warming, not sure if the missus will and besides......its nearly stumbling distance so i might get lashed. Ill bell you this week sonny.

12:04 PM  

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