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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ok so i visited the new Luton G casino last night. WOW. This place is sweet. Disgustingly well-fitted cardroom with the nicest playing tables and chairs iv seen.
I played the £50 rebuy and got off to a good start, amassing 14k by the break. I then lost a big pot with AQ v AQh. Down to 5k i won a race v 55 and got back to 9k.
Then i got moved to a horrendous table. Paul Alterman on my left, Ray Brown and Steve Vladar on my right. Great. Then a key hand, holding QJ i call preflop on the button along with 3 others. Flop comes 33Q with 2 spades. All checked to Ray who goes all-in. I figure he doesnt have AQ/KQ so im tying at worst. Call. Then Paul Alterman calls from the SB and i realise the horror of my situation. HE shows 63 and Ray has A4 spades. No problem as i get the poker gods aid with a sexy QJ turn and river. LOL.
I then got moved again. Down to 20 players i have 24k with average at 18k. I then get pushed off a preflop raise twice. Great. Then we have the break, im down to 22k and average is 27k, i make up my mind to make lots of chips now before the final where i can bully all the rocks into submission. Money is at 18 so now is get busy time i tell myself. Anyone who makes a 25% of their stack raise is going to get put to the test. Danny (young local loose/solid? player) raises on the button to 7k. We have equal stacks. In retrospect the raise was slightly more than he normally makes. I look down and see 34s. Definitely not dominated :) All-in. Call. Ooops he ahs QQ. The entire table looks on in disbelief at what i have just done. I can see each and every one of them thinking......mug. Such is my game, ill live and die by the sword.
Turns out it was a good move. I played cash instead and cleared £1100 in 4 hours work. Ship it. Some of the worst players i have ever seen donated thousands. Looks like the new G casino is attracting some numpties. Eventual winners were Jim and Ambrose, with danny coming third i think. On a side note, Jim (uses a porcelain cat as a card protector) won the lottery last weekend. Shame he had to split it with 8 others so ONLY win £500k. Bad beat? Bollocks. He can buy me a beer.

Also, massive shoutout to RookieITB who just took down the 100k on Mansion. WP lad, massive rail had fun too.


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