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Monday, March 12, 2007

Bah humbug. Went out for a mate's sisters B-day on Friday night. Went to school Disco @ the new venue and had a blast. Somehow managed to do £250 buying the gang sambuca's and meself double JD + C's followed by triple V RB chasers. Had a quality night but as im out of practice had to do the old fingers down the throat routine when we got home. The lady was not amused.

So this morning (well, afternoon really) decided to come back to the land of the living. Did my ma a favour and went to pick up my pesky kid brother from his GF's. Hoppers road in Winchmore Hill. Whatever plank designed the house numbering system deserves to be given extra maths lessons or else be given a minder. 157. You'd expect that to be somewhere between 156 and 158 right. Wrong. About 1/2 a mile down the road as it happens. I bet delivery men on tight schedules have slit wrists after trying to drop off the latest amazon offering.

So i get the shitbag home and then realise i have precisely 36 minutes to get to Luton for the £100 Deepstack PL FO. I have to rag the shit out of the Honda CRV that im currently driving. So im doing, like 90mph in the fast lane when i see a police-lookalike car ahead of me. Ok now Alex son i tell meself, just slide past @ 73. So i slide past and its not a "proper" copper, just a rent-a-cop highways officer. Pedal to the floor baby. Anyhow, the git gets up my arse and flashes his lights. Piss off would you, i recognise im in the wrong but i have to get somewhere. He carried on for a bit and i ended up having to use the old windscreen washers trick. That'll teach you ;)
Nothing more satisfying than seeing someone up ur arse have to turn their wipers on. He gave up. Incidentally, for anyone thats interested, the M1 roadworks section has a 40mph average speed check. Been going there 6 times a week for a couple of weeks now and its fairly safe to assume..............its bollocks. Havent had any DVLA letters through yet. But if ur scared/think im bullshitting/conservative you can try one of the following.

a) get really tight up to a lorry when you approach the overhanging cameras, shielding your plate.

b) If its late @ night, turning your lights off is an idea.

c) Failing that you could be sensible, plan better and allow enough time for your journey therefore negating the need for speed.........................

Back on the poker front i really shouldnt have bothered with the comp but i feel i should really attend all of the March ones to win the leagues. Sadly i made the FT with below average chips and then made a fking stupid crying call into a lady who could only be betting with the nuts. Marvellous.

Looking forward to my Bday now. 28th April which incidentally coincides with the blonde bash. Im going Southend on the Friday night and will probably do something nice with the wife on Sunday so Saturday can be my fun day.

Rant over.

p.s. All link whores.................you have been added :)


Blogger sovietsong said...

thanks for the link alex! i would link you back but i dont know how to!!? im new to this game!!

6:54 PM  
Blogger Dremeber said...

Hi Alex,

Great blog.
Feel free to add your blog to the New Poker bloglsiting.


12:22 PM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Update your Blog ya lazt B'stad! lol

12:50 AM  

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