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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Had an interesting week this week. Sadly ended with me losing a ton of cash in the Luton 1/2 game last night. I feel i have the Luton cardroom pretty sussed now, but to get better you have to learn from better players right? Sadly Luton has a large proportion of monkeys shrouding the few gems- so its hard to improve your game there.

After the losses last night i decided id have a bit of fun online. 6 tabling cash games @ 1/2Nl and playing like a rock. WOW. This is easy money. I think ill earn the grand for Cardiff this week online then buy in next weekend.
8-tabling cash is too tricky no limit i think, but ill try tomorrow afternoon before the Luton sunday £100 PL comp.
Im currently top of the Intermediate league but the Freebies are not as good as i thought they were. Therefore, it could well be back to the net for a few nights of the week from now on, in addition to a couple of afternoon hours i think that its about time i got this roll up and played slightly higher.


Blogger sovietsong said...

alright Alex, i have set up a blog to follow the progress of my new challenge!! £100 bankroll starting on the lowest levels of dtd trying to move through to the highest levels on DTD. was hoping that you would link it on your site. the address is www.sovietsong83.blogspot.com

if you could link me that would be great.


12:44 PM  
Blogger M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Alex, you will be ok sunday, Im playing so we will swap 15% again? That way you will get a return!! lol

C Ya later m8

1:49 PM  

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