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Friday, March 02, 2007

What a good week so far. Finally got the hand of VC cash and have been steadily grinding away for small profits.
On Wednesday night i went to Luton for their £50 Rebuy and had a lot of fun. 70 odd runners and a cracking structure.I was cruising for a long time till i lost KK to A4 on the bubble. Very next hand i run QQ into the KK of Lalit Khajuria, but the gods smile and we split it. I finally end up on the FT with average chips. Sadly the blinds had got very crapshooty and i was being forced to push with any 2 cards pretty quickly. I lost a bit pot with (ahem) K2 v AK (marvellous) then lost another when some mug spiked a str8 on the river to knock me out in 8th.
Luckily i had swapped 5% with Lalit, 15% with Paul Garner and 10% with Justin (unusual for me). They all made the Final table. ROFL. After Justin came 5th, Lalit 4th and Paul 2nd i had a nice little earner. Shiiiiipiiiiiiiiit.

Tonight was a cracker. Won my 1st comp at the new Luton. Well, chopped it HU anyway. £2k will do nicely. I played super aggy at times but also had a lot of luck too. I won a massive pot with AK v JJ. The best bit was getting a guy (who i think saw me as a soft touch) to re-raise me all-in with 97o preflop. The 1 time i had a hand. Yummy. Was sorely tempted to bite the bullet there and then and buy in to Cardiff but i decided ill wait for 1 more cash then do it.
Possibly holding 60% of the chips in play i should have gone for the outright win but im not fussy. I think (despite Kev having tonnes of experience) that i was the better player. I decided to not be greedy.

So the wheels are back in motion both on and offline and im loving this poker lark again. I give it 2 weeks before im posting a whine......................


Blogger Pokeking69 said...

Good work on the results on and off line, wow how did you get that guy to reraise all in with 97o? what did you have then?

think you earned yoursekf a nap, then you can power through the weekend hopefully making a nice profit!!


1:10 PM  
Blogger snoopy1239 said...

Congrats on your result and good luck in Cardiff if you play.

1:57 AM  
Blogger Ukgatsby said...

Back in form, wp mate.


12:45 AM  
Blogger Alex Martin said...

Cheers Paul, thanks snoops, hopefully ill see you in Cardiff.

Im not sure tbh pokeking, i think he thought i was aiming to ladder the payout scale and reasoned i was good enough to fold.


4:58 PM  

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